Trip report: Switzerland to French Normandy

Trip report: Switzerland to French Normandy

Back on the road again, I guess we got the hang of it after our trip to Scotland.

This time we left Switzerland to travel to Normandie in France, about 9 hours driving, as seen on this route, 2 charging stops, one in Besançon and one south of Paris in Fontainebleau.

All chargers in working order, got 150kw this time, up from 120kw in UK. Very few Teslas on the road I must say, I saw 3 or 4 during the whole trip.

Our base was Hotel Mercure in the center of Caen, they have 4 Teslas charger in their underground parking, did not get charged for electricity but parking was about 10usd per day.

We had a day trip to Honfleur and the seaside in Etretat, did not have to charge. I actually tried to charge in Etretat on a charger operated by Izivia, I could not managed to open the door to plug my cable. I'm really glad we have our dedicated Tesla chargers, once more

The next day we visited the Cathedral in Caen, then proceeded to Bayeux, nice village and Cathedral, and about 20 min south of Bayeux was the Abbaye of Cerisy, simply beautiful.

The trip went without a glitch, great food, weather was great, drove mostly on autopilot, especially appreciated that feature when crossing the mountain roads in the Jura at night after a long day driving back home.

Already planning the next trip !

jimglas | September 18, 2019

Nice pics

sbeggs | September 18, 2019

Know those areas well from past travels, staying in Gites de France, but leasing Renaults (Eurodrive). I fantasize about returning, but driving a Tesla. Thanks for your wonderful reports!