Thinking about Trading in my 2019 X on an S

Thinking about Trading in my 2019 X on an S

I already have a 2016S and purchased a new 2019 X I have had it about 4 no. it only has 3,100 miles on it but I like the S better. I paid about $101.000
Tesla offered me $77,000 as a trade in.

Charles.d.dang | September 21, 2019

I ordered a new X last week. What did you like about S more than X?

freemarket | September 21, 2019

What MX did you order? Int/Ext color, seats, performance etc

nipper2 | September 21, 2019

Pearl White Black Interior 6 seat 100X I wrapped the front the entire car it Opti Coated front windows tinted . I have had the S90 since 2016 never an issue. The only reason I added the X was in case I needed for my daughter and grand kids. it is a great car but I saw a S100 Performance and really liked it.

rde1 | September 23, 2019

Planning on selling my 2017 Model X place to advertise it? Thanks

Bighorn | September 23, 2019

TMC classifieds and are a good start.

hoffenberg | September 23, 2019

24 grand loss in 4 months??

Bighorn | September 23, 2019

Tesla trade ins are notoriously low. It's not an indication of market value. Why would they spend more than they can build one for?

Uncle Paul | September 23, 2019

Both the S and X have recent price decreases. The smaller battery models have been eliminated. A new Raven Model X -100kWh lists for $85,000. Has the new front motor and much smoother adaptable suspension which will be an attractive alternative to a used X.

New S100 Performance not offeres Ludicrous mode for FREE. (Was $20,000) along with adaptive suspension and more efficient front motor for lots better range.

Got the best trade in from Easy transaction and a lot more than Tesla offered.

RedScooter | September 24, 2019

I'm in the market for a Model X (actually put in my order with Tesla last Friday). Can you please share your configuration ?

nipper2 | September 24, 2019

2019 X 100D Peral White Black interior Six Seat 20" wheels towing package 3,205Miles front has clear Bra and entire car has been opti-coated front window tinted has FSDC

RedScooter | September 25, 2019

@nipper2 - could you ping me at "temp mail 1975 at yahoo dot com" ?

nipper2 | September 26, 2019

@RedScooter I tried your email address did not work

RedScooter | September 26, 2019

@nipper2- Sorry, try this; "tempmail1975 @ yahoo. com" - please remove the spaces