What features of V10 show up on SR+?

What features of V10 show up on SR+?

I’ve yet to receive V10, and when it comes to the new features and the SR+ I’ve heard conflicting stories about what those of us with less than premium connection should expect. Is anyone in the position to put some answers in place for those of us down here at the pecking order’s base?


Devilstower | September 30, 2019

I’m taking the silence as a sign that SR+ has so far, or at least largely, be left out of the update. But then, I suspect that SR+ owners are far less likely to have FSD. I know I’m still drumming my fingers over the decision.

JarvisM3 | September 30, 2019

I have V10 on Standard Range Plus. Right now everything is enabled over LTE. Spotify, Slacker, TuneIN, Web Browser, Netflix, Hulu, & YouTube.

The release notes clearly state it’s temporary. I hope Tesla offers a subscription.

Devilstower | October 1, 2019

Thanks. And yes, I have my fingers crossed we'll finally see the subscription plan that's been mentioned on both the site and in announcements for over a year.

St☰v☰ | October 1, 2019

@JarvisM3 - WAZE? Ability to play MP4's?

Switchmon | October 1, 2019

I have SR+ with FSD so I received the update and yes, everything is enabled and I hope it stays that way. And just to clarify what @JarvisM3 said, the use of the on board wireless data to for Tesla Theater is temporarily enabled but I expect that to either become a subscription item or maybe we'll have to use WiFi or a portable hotspot.

bcmusik | October 1, 2019

I also can confirm what Switchmon has said. One thing I can add is that even with the premium features connectivity features on we don’t get the enhanced map views with traffic but everything else is there. Including better sounding Bluetooth audio and I would argue they’ve done something to improve the overall sound of the audio system.

Phaheem | October 1, 2019

@bcmusik it’s great to hear that the audio quality has improved. Can you provide more details?

ameetm3 | October 1, 2019

Has the update enabled rear / a-pillar speakers?

heidion10 | October 1, 2019

@phaheem I also experienced better quality sound in my SR+ in my last update (2019.32.2.2). Notes stated that volume in car will override what's on my phone (meaning I don't need to turn up the volume on my phone every time I connect to Bluetooth). I don't think there were any additional speakers enabled, but I've never really gone through and checked with ones are working/not working. The sound is much louder and seems more robust if that makes sense. It seems they did something, but I'm not sure exactly what ;)

Phaheem | October 1, 2019

@ heidion10 thanks for the info!

camacfarl | October 1, 2019

If one decides not to get premium connectivity can one use the Spotify app by using the phone as a hotspot and having the car connect to the phones access point instead of the LTE?

I just can't quite justify yet another subscription for yet another data service when I'm already paying for data I don't use on my phone.