MA rebate is over

MA rebate is over

The last day for MA rebates was Sept 30, just checked the website to see if they've changed their minds, they haven't. It got too expensive so they killed it. Here are the final statistics,

Over the life of the program the top three manufacturers were,
Tesla 5650
Chevrolet 3226
Toyota 1496

This year the numbers were, (rules changed, BEVs only in 2019)
Tesla 811
Chevy 278
Nissan 142

Last Dec, last month for the full Federal and the last month when MA offered 2500
Tesla 909
Chevy 201 (looks like it was mostly Volts which were covered in 2018 but not in 2019)
Toyota 200

kevin_rf | October 1, 2019

I'm just a little shocked, you mean only 5650 Tesla's where sold during that period? Judging from my commute, it seems like more than that where sold in MA.

bjrosen | October 1, 2019

Those are the number from the MOR-EV website. One thing to take into account this year was the $50,000 limit. The Model S and X weren't eligible in any form, with the Model 3 you had to buy a Black or White one without FSD. I bought a black AWD without FSD, the sticker came in at $49,960 including the destination charge, just under the limit, any other color would have pushed it over the $50K limit. Buying FSD after registration didn't effect the rebate because it's the price on the registration forms that they use.

howard | October 1, 2019

CO is still 5k. Holding my breath as I have received the full $12,500 tax credit for three years in a row. Hoping to make it 4 in January.

kevin_rf | October 1, 2019

Wow, some people buy a new car every year, and then some us, like me buy a new one every fifteen years...

Though, this is the third car in a row I received federal tax credit's on. The other two where for the long defunct hybrid vehicle credit's back in '05 and '02.