People need to chill with all the smart summon hoopla

People need to chill with all the smart summon hoopla

Smart summon is a great feature and I'm sure it'll get better over time. I've tried is a couple of times and both times it was flawless. We all need to remember that it's still in Beta and that we, as drivers/owners, have the ultimate responsibility with features that are not full releases. There are certain things that the car allows that are not for all occasions, for example, self parking. Great feature but could be a bit slow and if you've got cars on your bumper already it's probably not a good time to engage it. Same for self driving mode - excellent feature, but know your car and it's limitations and take control yourself - if you're in gridlock and need to change lanes you know that FSD will make absolutely certain that there are no perils to interfere in its success so it will take its time, do don't expect the car to do it for you and just do it yourself.

At times I think we forget how fun it is to drive the M3...why should the car have all the fun? Take control and enjoy!

wiboater4 | October 2, 2019

One of the things this forum is for is for people to share what works and what doesn't. So in my opinion I welcome comments good or bad so I don't have to find out the hard way something isn't going to work as expected. I do expect the "come to me feature" to improve over time now that people are using it and Tesla can get feedback off that.

KAM6 | October 2, 2019

When I was testing it I did it in low traffic areas and sent it to a location, that way I could supervise the whole way. I also didn't want to interfere with other drivers as that is not great PR for Tesla. If they hadn't promised to release this to the fleet so many times it would still be in early access as it should be.

Kary993 | October 2, 2019

I have seen some interesting videos where a car backed into the model 3 while in summon. Nothing the Model 3 could do as it backed into the model 3 from the side. Definitely beta and definitely agree that the user must know when and where it is appropriate to use a feature.

tigerkc | October 2, 2019

Anyone trying it on busy parking lot is just plain dumb in my opinion, and Tesla got blamed a result.

andy.connor.e | October 2, 2019

Its no different than people using autopilot in construction zones. Idiots are idiots.

rxlawdude | October 2, 2019

Of course, on the short-selling "news," Tesla owners are glomming up parking lots.

Another claimed a Tesla in Smart Summon struck a child. (I can find zero corroboration on that.)

Shorts will stop at nothing, NOTHING, to denigrate the product (and Musk) in the hope that Tesla goes BK.

MYWBear | October 2, 2019

"tigerkc | October 2, 2019
Anyone trying it on busy parking lot is just plain dumb in my opinion, and Tesla got blamed a result."

But, if you are only supposed to use it when there's no one else around, it's not particularly useful. However, I am hopeful and I do expect that this will get much better soon now that this feature has been released

I'm still not exactly sure when I'm going to have a practical use for advanced summon. It's certainly an extremely cool feature to impress the neighbors. I suppose if I forgot where I parked the car in a crowded parking lot, advanced summon would come in handy. ...oh, wait, never mind.

andy.connor.e | October 2, 2019

Its in Beta, and if people use it Tesla can improve it. Being responsible is hard.

Shesmyne2 | October 2, 2019

Yes there are a bunch of videos of people being dumb and ‘testing’ it on
Saturday in a Costco/Walmart/Target parking lot. Just asking for failure and trouble.
Agree, BETA! Smh. We want Tesla to succeed and not give ammo to those who don’t.

Still Grinning ;-)

kevin_rf | October 2, 2019

It was raining as I left work. Thought about using it for a few seconds, before dodging an SUV barreling through the parking lot snapped me out of such a silly idea.

M3phan | October 2, 2019

What I predicted would happen is potentially happening, when irresponsible owners post stupid videos of the failures online… Often when it’s used unwisely and inappropriately. So now *of course* the NHTSA is sticking their collective nose in things… Elon tweeted after the first few days of smart summon release there have been over 550,000 smart summon events and of that only a few have been problematic resulting in accidents or near misses. But that amazing fact gets lost in all of the fake news, false panic, Fud. So frustrating. Please be careful and wise out there.

apodbdrs | October 2, 2019

My advice is go slow, get familiar with the feature in an area where it won't crash into another car, barrier, or hurt someone, etc. Remember any damage one causes to the car is going to be very expensive, so just take your time and use it in a safe manner until you become proficient and don't panic. STUPID PEOPLE GET WHAT THEY DESERVE, SO BE SMART!

rxlawdude | October 2, 2019

@apod +1

AWDTesla | October 3, 2019

Its unfortunate that these idiots post on you tube. Saw another summons video where the car is clearly going to crash into the garage wall, yet they keep their finger on the button.

More money than brains and it fuels the haters

spuzzz123 | October 3, 2019

Unfortunately the relatively few irresponsible users are going to ruin it for the rest of us. This product is going to be yanked and then it will take longer to get it working well as there will be zero beta drivers.

PTdenver | October 3, 2019

+1 totally agree a few idiots will ruin it for all !!