Hi all,

I am a Canadian reservation holder and am quite looking forward to the Toronto test drive in a couple of weeks.

One of my concerns, and something I have not seen discussed anywhere, is the impact of road salt on the aluminum components and, specifically on the motor and battery pack.

I plan to use the car as a daily driver, and my 40 mile (each way) commute takes me over roads and freeways that are saturated with road salt in the winter months. In fact, if snow/ice is expected, they often spray liquid salt brine on otherwise dry roads in anticipation of trouble. Salt spray makes my black Cadillac look like a grey car in the winter months, and I think sometimes I use more washer fluid than gasoline getting to work!

I'm wondering if anyone has heard of this discussed, or has any thoughts about salt spray getting into the motor, electronics, battery pack and electrical connections. A secondary concern is how a largely aluminum car would hold up to salt, although there are other aluminum cars on the roads these days.