Stability control/Regenerative braking features are disabled while driving

Stability control/Regenerative braking features are disabled while driving

While Driving my Model 3, all of a sudden the following features are disabled.

--Stability control disabled
--Regenerative braking disabled
--Automatic Emergency Braking is disabled

This has happened several times, while driving, and gets back to normal after charging.

Please advise.


CharleyBC | October 4, 2019

Weird, especially since it’s repeating. I’d make a service appointment. Or call and see what they can learn by remote diagnostics.

jjgunn | October 4, 2019

Is this a P3D? or which version of the model 3??

I ask because if it's a P3D almost sounds like it's going into track mode

Pepperidge | October 4, 2019

Probably accelerometer malfunction. If so and your Model 3 is with HW 2.5 then they might replace it with HW 3.0.

RA12 | October 5, 2019

It's Long Range AWD

wayne | October 6, 2019

I had messages like this and permanently cleared them with a power off/hard reboot.

garretn | October 7, 2019

As strange as it sounds I was having the same issues almost daily and the SC did a 4wheel alignment to correct the issue. I have gone maybe 1k miles since and the errors have not come back.

ggodefroid | October 9, 2019

My Long Range AWD did this last evening; tried several reboots/hard reboots did not help. Called support they tried powering the vehicle down but that did not help. Have service appointment scheduled, first available was 10-24??
Support said it may correct after it goes into deep sleep overnight, but no still giving the same notifications as previously listed. Drivable but no regen eliminates one peddle driving and hard braking not enjoyable. Installed V10 on Saturday.

garretn | October 9, 2019

@ggodefroid - I feel your pain, off and on I have been dealing with this issue for over six months. Super frustrating to be on a trip with no cruise and no regen braking not to mention all the warnings about the safety features being disabled. I was lucky I found that if I rebooted the system and then went into a store for a few minutes it would reset. I talked to the tech at the Tesla SC about this and he said all I needed to do was get out of the car lock it and then it would reset. Knock on wood I haven't had the issue since the SC aligned the car.

ggodefroid | October 9, 2019

Garretn--Hope yours stays fixed; my 3 has been pretty much flawless since my Feb-19 purchased. So far nothing has resolved this glitch.

KellyJ | October 9, 2019

Ours started doing that at around 3k miles. A reboot would make it go away until the car was driven for a mile or so and it would come back. It was 'safe' to drive according to Tesla...but I complete disagree if the car is being driven on twisty mountain roads. The brakes on an AWD are not enough for those conditions.

We had to wait 2 weeks for a service appointment and it took them about a week to fix it.

jonthegeek | February 19, 2020

Mine did this immediately upon delivery. I haven't even been home yet and I'm back at the service center. They're aligning it now, glad to read that fixed it for someone else! Here's hoping!