Hypersensitive sensor to curbs and cars after software update

Hypersensitive sensor to curbs and cars after software update

Since updating to the latest software, my Model 3 is hypersensitive to detecting the proximity to curbs, cars and concrete medians. I’ve had my car for two weeks and it wasn’t beeping like this prior to the update. Is anyone else experiencing this? The beeping is driving me mad! Is there a solution? I was two plus feet from a concrete median at an intersection and the car oil don’t stop beeping. Again, this wasn’t happening before. Thanks!

spuzzz123 | October 5, 2019

You code try Joe Mode which turns volume down on those alerts. I haven’t noticed a change in the sensitivity.

EVRider | October 5, 2019

You can also turn off the proximity alerts completely if they bother you. When you can see the visual proximity warnings there’s an icon to mute the alerts. Note that once you mute them, they remain muted until you unmute them. We muted the alerts in my wife’s Model 3 because they were on every time we back the car out of the garage.

Neilbrent | October 6, 2019

This is happening to me as well. Joe mode and muting changes nothing about the behavior of this particular alarm. It is annoying enough that I try to avoid driving my car unless I am taking the highway.

Anyone have a solution?

EVRider | October 6, 2019

Yes, see my previous reply.

nancydahlberg | October 6, 2019

I attempted to silence the alert, turned off all my alerts and it still is going off. I’ve contacted service and they are coming out to look at it in 1 week. Hopefully I haven’t gone totally mad by then. Living in a city with narrow streets is not helping the situation. It goes off if I’m even 3 feet from a curb! Thanks for the responses btw

olaedin | October 8, 2019

Hi, I'm having the same problem.
Does anyone knows how to fix this?
I tried to find the settings to fix this but I can't find it. The alarm goes off when I'm about one meter from the curb.
Thanks in advance

nancydahlberg | October 8, 2019

I was told by a sales rep at Tesla to have service look at it.

jimvarner1126 | October 10, 2019

Same problem - and the turn off feature doesn’t work - am anxious to hear what your service folks say.

Firewired | October 10, 2019

I am always reluctant to overly use the auto park feature due to others posting video of getting curbed while doing it. I was thinking about that same issue with smart summon. In my mind the more aware of curbs the better,

Wilber | October 10, 2019

I too am getting lots more beeps the last couple days. havent had a software update in a couple weeks. So, i am puzzlied why it started when it did. I am on 2019.28.3.1 I'll try EVriders approach the next time i drive. I hope the 'icon to mute' is easily seen.

nancydahlberg | October 10, 2019

Service said that my software install was incomplete when it updated last week which may be causing the issue. They sent out another software install to the car and I’m hoping that this corrects it. Otherwisec they will be out to our house on Tuesday with mobile service. I’m re-installing the update now and will comment once I know the results.

Haan | October 11, 2019

Also experience the same. What I also see since the last update is that the car is, when laneassist is on, it moves more from left to right witin the lane. Almost if you;re on a ship.

Before the last update, the car was much more stable with laneassist.

EVRider | October 11, 2019

@Wilber: According to the manual, you can permanently disable park assist chimes using Controls > Safety & Security > Park Assist Chimes. The manual says the method I described earlier is only temporary, but that’s not my recollection. The manual also says you can temporarily mute the chimes by pressing the left scroll wheel.

WardT | October 11, 2019

We had to change the warning setting to “late” from “normal” in the forward collision warning with the new release. We got beeps if a car was turning right out of our lane when it was not near us. The right turning car would change color from grey to red. This isn’t exactly the same thing you are talking about, but it helped reduce the beeps. I haven’t noticed a increased sensitivity to curbs with the new release.

Wilber | October 11, 2019

EVrider - thanks for the good info. I'll see how it goes the next few days before i decide to turn the chimes off permanently. but, I still dont see that 'icon' you describe to turn them off. For example, when i see the red line at the right front of my car pulling into my parking spot and hear chimes i look near the red lines ad dont see any icon to turn off. is the icon located somewhere else?

walnotr | October 11, 2019

@Wilber, when the chimes are sounding, a speaker icon will appear on the left side of the screen left of the car. Touching it will silence the alarms and an “X” will appear next to the speaker. It’s been my experience the alarms stay off until you touch the icon again.

Luna620 | October 11, 2019

SR+ here. Mine is opposite. After the V10 update, my Lane Kreping Assist has been less sensitive to the point that My left or right wheels were already on the otherside of the lane markers and the car had not pulled me back to my lane. There are some instances it will pull me back to my lane smoothly unlike when I first got the car, it jerked the steering wheel abruptly to get me back in my lane. But does not happen everytime.

nancydahlberg | October 12, 2019

After receiving an new update from tech support, I reinstalled and all seems to be fine now.

oakweb | October 18, 2019

I am having the same issue also. If a bus or semi is next to me on the street it won't stop beeping until they or I have passed. I was 2-3ft from a median and it beeps. When I reverse in a spot with a parking bumper it will continuously beep until I put it in park and get out of the car. The beeps are irritating. My center console went blank a few times while driving - I have a 2019 MX - it is in service now and the master tech is saying it is an MCU issue but a software issue and not hardware..

rehutton777 | October 18, 2019

I wish my car's "curb-awareness" was stronger! This evening while pulling into a parking spot, I "grounded" my front bumper on the corner of a "higher than normal" curb sticking out, and seriously "rashed" the left underside of my front bumper. I received no warning that I was close to a curb, and the front end just did not clear the corner curb in the parking spot. Now I have to figure out how to get this fixed so that it doesn't look like someone took a brick to the underside of the "nose" of the car.