Diminished range after V10 upgrade

Diminished range after V10 upgrade

On my SR+ my maximum charge now is 233mi, where before i was able to peak at 238. Yes, 5 miles seems insignificant but curious to hear from others if they've seen a loss in range?

82bert | October 6, 2019

My wh/mi have definitely gone up, which in turn diminishes range. But it’s difficult, at least for me, to say why because the weather/temp has changed quite a bit as well.

bjrosen | October 6, 2019

I saw the same thing, my range has gone from 278 to 274 (90%) on my AWD. To complicate matters for me I have three variables that all came into effect simultaneously, the upgrade to V10, .11 version, a switch from a ClipperCreek to a Tesla EVSE and finally first use of heat last night (defogged the windows) which cranked my KWh/miles way up. The car only has 3000 miles on it, which shouldn't have seen much degradation, my Volt has 40,000 miles on it and it's had zero battery degradation, and besides the range loss happened literally overnight. The most likely culprit is V10, there have been multiple reports on this forum of this phenomenon. The may have changed the way they calculate that range.

Harvan Hunter | October 6, 2019

I noticed my Wh/mi went up significantly BEFORE v10 had arrived on my car (I got it relatively late). It directly coincided with the temperature going down. The heater elements in the HVAC apparently chew on the battery quite a bit - no real surprise, honestly.

My wife made the comment that you don't tend to realize just how "automatic" heat is in gas cars because they take advantage of the heat the engine produces all the time, but that's just not a thing in an all-electric car.

Harvan Hunter | October 6, 2019

Also, I haven't seen any change in my maximum range figures. My extended RWD still says 291 miles at 90%, 313-321 at 100%.

kevin_rf | October 6, 2019

My back calculated range ( LR AWD ) went from 298 guesstimated miles to 303 guesstimated miles. With the colder weather setting in, don't think I will get to enjoy those phantom five miles.

FISHEV | October 6, 2019

Does the cold weather change the Rated Range? The battery controls its temp for charging using the "free" power of the charger so shouldn't it be affected by the temp.

Paramgk | October 7, 2019

Hi, I am just 2 weeks into Tesla model 3 now. Charged full first time yesterday and it said - 306 miles charging complete, Whattttt??? I thought the long range is 348 miles so after fully charging, it should be somewhere close to that. Anyone else has the same problem?

jokerandthief | October 7, 2019

My range has dropped but that was before the V 10 update. However, I have noticed a drop in my KWh/Miles way up to. I don’t think the temperature has dropped significantly to cause the amount of change I am seeing.

mike.occhis | October 7, 2019

Some of my degradation did occur as a result of the v10 update. From 0-5000 miles I had no degredation. From 5000-9300 I lost 3.3%. V10 was installed at about 8700 miles and I lost a full 1% between 8700 and 9300

stockbandit91 | October 7, 2019

Yes, outside temp affects the stated range. My car finishes charging in the garage at about 5am and 50 degress outside, range will state 278 when completed, at 10am and 70F in the garage the range stated is up to 285 , both @ 90% without any further charging.

Same with arriving at work at 5am, at 2pm in the summer I frequently show more range than I arrived with.

FWIW- I have over 37k miles on my 4/2018 build LR RWD

bjrosen | October 7, 2019

@stockbandit91, are you sure that the stated range is anything more than just the %charge * a constant? The energy graph range is clearly based on your actual energy consumption but the main range number doesn't seem to be effected by driving history.

christian | October 7, 2019

Yes, after the V10 update, my AWD went from 279 at 90% to 274 at 90%. I have just over 12k miles on the car. Not a huge deal, but I did notice it.

lbowroom | October 7, 2019

"I thought the long range is 348 miles so after fully charging"

The EPA rated range of the long range dual motor is 310mi. Where did you get the idea it was 348?

M3phan | October 7, 2019

@ Paramgk, never been rated at 348. What configuration do you have? The LR RWD is 325, LR AWD still 310 (I believe).

M3phan | October 7, 2019

Your 306 is just fine.

Pesla | October 8, 2019

Mine dropped overnight from 312 to 286 after V10. Bummer! Looks like no one else has that big of a change... will follow up with the service center to figure out.

calvin940 | October 8, 2019

"Where did you get the idea it was 348?"

Clearly that person was on drugs.