SR+ range after 1800 miles - 2 months of driving degraded by 3%

SR+ range after 1800 miles - 2 months of driving degraded by 3%

I see my cars range was supposed to be 240 miles for SR+ , so thought of charging fully and see how much it reaches it said charged complete on 233 miles instead of 240 miles, although its more like 232 miles as 1 mile disappeared from 233 after driving for 100 meters. So, more like it lost 8 miles in 2 months or 1800 miles of driving

Is this common for everyone with SR+ or other versions, have you noticed about 3% battery degradation in 2 months of driving ?


aaron85 | October 7, 2019
Njbrw549 | October 7, 2019

It's possible your soc gauge is out of calibration.

Smalm | October 7, 2019

Hard to say if it’s normal, but yeah I’ve got the same. In 4 months around 5K miles my 100% calculates out to 227 or around 5%. I’ve seen posts indicating 1% per 1K miles so maybe it’s normal. Also have seen some LR owners reporting 0% “degradation” so who knows. Hasn’t been an issue for me since have never been close to any real range anxiety. Plenty of time for a warranty claim if it ever gets to that point, for now enjoying the car too much to care.

M3phan | October 7, 2019

To encourage you, there are many threads on this, and long time owners will assure you that nothing has degraded. The miles displayed are repping algorithms that can be affected by many variables. But bottom line, no worries. Your battery is fine.

kevin_rf | October 8, 2019

Looks like the green bar did not go all the way to the white line. It's possible the battery cooled after charging and adjusted down ever so slightly. Many have reported that green line jumping up a tad over the white line after sitting and cooling after charging.

aaron85 | October 8, 2019

during the end, got a notification from charging station indicating very low power is getting pulled by battery, perhaps tesla is smart enough to stop the charging in this situation !!

majassow | October 8, 2019

1) what was 100% charge when you got your vehicle? It was probably 233 then too.
2) calculation of battery level is based on integer battery % values, so will be ~3% error. So very likely, you are seeing just a limitation in how "range" is calculated.
3) Rated range varies normally as estimating how many kWh are in a battery is quite complex and based on a bunch of measurements all with their own errors. Your range is based on the best guess of that number.

FISHEV | October 8, 2019

"So, more like it lost 8 miles in 2 months or 1800 miles of driving."Q@aaron85

Tesla will tell you that is normal battery degradation for first two years which Tesla says can be as high as 15% and still be within normal range of degradation.

vincelorto | October 8, 2019

i have over 7000 miles on my SR+. The car has a 03/2019 build date and I bought it with 1000 miles on i in June. In my observation, the car's range is based upon on your most recent driving habits, although only slightly. For example, I charged the car to 100% this weekend because I took a long drive to Los Angeles for my kid's soccer. It only charged to 238 miles and I thought, "Damn. Here goes some battery degradation". This is after driving 85 MPH+ on some parts coming home. The next day, I drove it sparingly around town and probably put max 25 miles on it doing small chores and going 40 MPH max. That night, I charged to 90% as usual and the next morning I get 216 again. That's exactly 90%. No. I haven't charged it back up again to 100% but I have noticed and feared battery degradation previously and the car moves it's driving percentage up and down based upon my most recent driving. That's my 2 cents. I could be totally off on this. PS I've been at 212 miles at 90% and 208 miles at 90% and 240 miles at 100%, and then 236 miles at 100%.

PteRoy | October 8, 2019

I’m down 10% in not even 4 months. I did deflate the tires though due to road noise. So maybe 6-7% would be more accurate. Plus it’s a lot colder now than when I got the car. So basically I just stopped caring. Doesn’t bother me. Yet.

snathla | October 8, 2019

Looks like the max I can charge now is 305, version 10 has brought it down. Got 325 once a while ago and then it came down to around 312 and not 305. Why does Tesla do this to us all the time?