Crack on Glass Roof

Crack on Glass Roof

I recently noticed two big crack on the glass of my Model 3 roof. Anyone else experienced that? Is it covered by warranty?

Lorenzryanc | October 8, 2019

If it's a stress crack, it should be covered by warranty. If something fell on it or hit it, insurance will be the way to go. Try warranty 1st regardless.

I'm good, but I've heard of this situation a few times yes, the car has a lot of glass :D

Joshan | October 8, 2019

if you run a pencil along the cracks does it ever hit a pit in the glass and stop? If so it was impact related and you have to use insurance, if not Tesla should cover it.

vmulla | October 8, 2019

Post a picture. Many of the stress-related roof cracks have a characteristic shape.

cloganplatt | October 8, 2019

I've had this issue, replaced under warranty. No issues since.