Rainsensor sensitivity

Rainsensor sensitivity

Having quite some issues with the rainsensor as this wipers go very slow. In heavy rain, the wipers go so slow that the screen isn't wiped sufficient.
THis is quite tricky and dangerous behavior. Is this common behavior of the rainsensor or a failure? In my opinion the sensitivity of the sensor should be increased.

Hal Fisher | October 10, 2019

They can’t get this right or splash up from a car in front doesnt get wiped away either because the sensor is too high.

Teslaguy | October 10, 2019

Use the manual mode an select a speed.

T_Scheen | October 11, 2019

I have the same problem - The "Auto" setting is not as efficient as in my old BMW.
For a future software update, I would suggest a functionality to be able to adapt the "AUTO" settings into let's say 3 sub-settings "Low - Standard - High"

navt | October 11, 2019
Haan | October 11, 2019

Thanks, good to know that Elon is working on this.

SteveWin1 | October 11, 2019

huh. Works fine for me. That video definitely shows that some people really do have an issue, though. I wonder why its different between cars.

howard | October 11, 2019

SteveWin1, I wonder why its different between cars.

+ 1 There are a lot of features and functions that seem to behave differently from car to car.

cybergrafx | October 11, 2019

Auto for mine is full speed even in a light sprinkle or morning mist.

hokiegir1 | October 11, 2019

@howard - I'm not sure it is different between cars so much as different people have different preferences. Remember that cameras focus differently than eyes -- so while that might look one way on camera (which is likely changing it's point of focus), in person, it could look different. That's not to say a sensitivity setting would be a bad thing or that the OP could have used a faster setting -- just that it may not have as much variance as it seems between cars.

Pepperidge | October 11, 2019

There is no rain sensor.
It uses AI (DNN) to detect rain by using front facing camera(s). Since those cameras only see small part of the wind shield, it will never always be able to predict entire surface of the wind shield. But it should work with Full Self Driving.

howard | October 11, 2019

hokiegir1, I understand we all have different preferences, expectations, and tolerances for what is acceptable. Various owners here report functionality like above that is very different from what others report. Just saying there are variables that go beyond the actual driver. I don't find my auto wipers to work very well even with the latest software 2019.32.12.1. I am not trying to be picky. I turn the auto wipers off and use the stalk most of the time and switch to a manual setting if it raining hard enough. The rub is not so much comparing to others on this forum but to my other cars.

007bond | October 11, 2019

Some days it works dead on and then other way to fast yet other days way to slow. Whatever they are using is just not judging the rain correctly. Most of the time if I switch to one of the manual modes for the amount of rain it works just fine. It's like if they cannot get it right I would rather just have a variable timer setting (like the older cars had) that I could adjust on the steering wheel wheel.

geoffdorn | October 11, 2019

the auto wipers is the tangled iphone headphone cord of Tesla. I don't think they'll ever get it to work i the PNW.

Stinnett | October 11, 2019

I'm in the same situation as is cybergrafx: On auto, the wipers run like a bat out of ... the infernal regions ... even if it is just sprinkling. Consequently I don't use auto. I set a speed or use the manual push. I do test auto once in a while, hoping for improvement.

Life is good, but it's better in a Tesla.

gduncumb | October 12, 2019

Same issue with low sensitivity, first long run out today and needed the washer jets, get the noise but no water comes out. Reservoir full to the brim.

Devilstower | October 12, 2019

Often it waits far longer than I would before giving it a swipe. But the other day something apparently obscured the sensor because it went into a windshield wiper fury while it wasn't even raining.

walnotr | October 12, 2019

Has anyone considered the wipers might be recalibrating after an update? Right after V10 we experienced abnormal wiper response (rapid wiping on basically dry windshield, slow to start in downpour, etc) but has improved with each rain event.