Residential 3 powerwalls

Residential 3 powerwalls

Need some advise. I live in San Diego and does anybody know the do's and dont's of installing 3 powerwalls? Im getting mixed messages. Ive been told SDG&E requires a 2nd meter, and others telling me SDG&E would need to install a new main service panel to handle the meter. IT would then become a commercial grade meter. New Trenching, New wires. One saying it will cost about $2k and another $10K. Big difference. Anybody with experience with this please chime in.
I already have solar, but got the solar before I got my Model S.
I know I qualify for 3 based on the amount of energy I use on a regular basis.

Passion2Fly | October 11, 2019

Did you contact an approved Tesla installer? They would know better.

gregbrew | October 11, 2019

Why wouldn't you call SDG&E about SDG&E policy? They would know *best*.

jrweiss98020 | October 12, 2019

I had 2 Powerwalls installed (Seattle area), and the installer told me they could add a 3rd if I want it, with no change in the other equipment..

smaches | October 12, 2019

I am also an SDGE customer and have powerwalls. But a few comments to clarify your setup since you mentioned you already have solar panels: 1) You should already be on a net metering plan, so the current meter is all that's needed as it shows bi-directional usage. Powerwalls will not affect this. 2) You didn't state if your existing panel is 100 amps (pretty standard for most tract homes). With 3 powerwalls, SDG&E may require a panel upgrade to 200 amps, depending on the actual output of your solar panels and if your recovery rate (battery recharge time and current flow) don't exceed the existing wiring from your meter back in to the grid.
It can be a tad complicated. You may want to contact TESLA to see if your existing setup can be modified....
Good Luck

grich4u | October 13, 2019

Passion2Fly, this is coming from a certified Tesla installer. Not that means its true as well.
gregbrew, I think I should contact SDG&E direct myself, that is a good idea.
smaches, Yes I am on net metering, and my panel was upgraded when they installed the solar panels.
my existing solar is 25 250 watt. Which equals 6.25KW.
Even with that the company is saying I need a second meter. Ive read stories where this is true with 3 powerwalls