Can you sleep in your car while Sentry mode is turned on?

Can you sleep in your car while Sentry mode is turned on?

I’ll by traveling to NYC and will be making a 40 mins supercharger stop during the night near NYC. I was planning to pull the rear seats down and take a nap while charging. I was wondering if I could leave Sentry mode turned on while being in the car without triggering it and setting the alarm. It’s mainly to discourage any thieves from messing with the car by having cameras to record in case of a mishaps

CS96 | October 11, 2019


You can enable sentry at any time when the car is in park by clicking the sentry icon (if it isn’t already lit up red)

ElectricAlex | October 11, 2019

You do not want to do that.

Unless you own hearos and wear them.

carolinada | October 11, 2019

I think the question was if it could be done without setting off the alarm.

EVRider | October 12, 2019

If I’m not home, Sentry Mode is always on when I’m parked (if I don’t turn it off), and I have yet to set off the alarm. I believe Sentry Mode only responds to events outside the car. You should be fine sleeping in the car with Sentry Mode on.

ken | October 12, 2019

If you use Phone as Key the car is able to be unlocked from the outside even though you locked it from the inside, as long as the phone is inside. So while you are sleeping anyone can open the door get in and drive away.

ken | October 12, 2019

You could turn Bluetooth off and be able to lock the car and then turn Bluetooth back on when you wake up.

Ron.Olsberg | October 12, 2019

i think some or all of the Model 3 cars sold overseas use something like a tilt detector in conjunction with Sentry (and possibly the standard alarm) which would most certainly set off an alarm due to movement inside the car. Not sure if the tilt function can be turned off while the Sentry mode is enabled?

bipin10_2000 | October 12, 2019

My Model 3 Sentry mode if on collects video while driving. Should I turn on Sentry mode ONLY when parked? I have set up Sentry on away from home.