Homelink Missing from Tesla App

Homelink Missing from Tesla App

I have a 2019 Model 3 Longe Range AWD and I have both my app and my vehicle at the most recent update 2019.32.12.1. I do not have FSD nor am I EAP. However, my vehicle did come with Homelink capabilities at the purchase of my vehicle. I do not see any Homelink capabilities in the controls section of the Tesla App after updating. My Homelink functions as normal from inside the car, but I wish my phone's Tesla app has the function so I can close my garage door when leaving my car. Is anyone else experiencing this issue? Thanks!

richard.craver8 | October 12, 2019

It's not a thing.

Passion2Fly | October 12, 2019

My phone App has the homelink function under the Controls section ... is your App up to date??

httran26 | October 12, 2019

From what I read, your car needs to have FSD or Enhanced AP to have the Homelink icon appear in your app.

EVRider | October 13, 2019

I’m guessing the requirement for EAP/FSD is a bug that will be fixed. Prior to V10, the Homelink icon was on the Summon screen, so there was no way to access it if you didn’t have Summon.

GrumpyinAZ | October 13, 2019

Passion2Fly mentions updating the app. If you have FSD and you're on Version 10, there's a requirement that you update your phone's app to access the features in V10. Homelink through the app is one of those features you'll get with the lates app version - mine is 2019.32.12.2. Homelink is under the Controls tab.

As to opening and closing the garage door, there's a setting in the car's Homelink software that will auto open and auto close the garage door. My neighbor just shakes his head when I do it. The User Guide for Homelink has the information on how to set it up.

Remember that Tesla will enable features in the app according to how your car is configured. A prime example is the new Come To Me summon function. You may not see it displayed on your phone until the Tesla server recognizes that your car has FSD. When I turn mine on, it takes a short period before Come To Me displays and is active. Clever, these programmers.


jordanrichard | October 13, 2019

I recently got V10, my car is a pre-AP 2014 S85, my app is current and I don’t have a homelink symbol in Controls. Though the release notes I saw indicated that I should. In other words, typically the release notes /features for a given update are the ones that apply to your car.

apodbdrs | October 13, 2019

I bought a new 2019 model 3 and noticed it does not include home link, I had to buy mine on the Tesla store for $300. It took about a month for delivery. I recived a notice on my app and set up the Service Center I chose and schedule. The following day a Tesla Mobile Tech came to my home and installed it.

On my earlier, 2018 Model 3 home link was included.