2019.32.12 - Snake merge

2019.32.12 - Snake merge

I experienced the snake merge 4 times yesterday. I don't think a detailed description is necessary if you've experienced this yourself*

This happened over a ~4hr drive time. Interestingly, it didn't happen in packed rush hour traffic but it happened when the highway was relatively free.

I got the 2019.32.12 update 2 days ago. I know others mentioned it before, but I assumed it was just a usual hesitant merge in difficult road conditions.

*Description if you're still wondering: The car moves about 1/3 into the next lane, moves back into its original lane, and then moves into the next lane. The car makes a S move before completing the lane merge.

bddaughe | October 17, 2019

For those of us that haven't experienced this, could you please describe what you mean by snake merge?

vmulla | October 17, 2019


The car moves about 1/3 into the next lane, moves back into its original lane, and then moves into the next lane.

This feels very different from the hesitant merge when the car aborts a merge because it detects a potential obstacle.

I'll save the video when it happens next time.

Fuzzball | October 17, 2019

+1 - experienced it on a merge the car was able to do previously without "snaking" - i was looking around for a few minutes after to figure out why would it do that but happy to know its gaining new capabilities without the proper application...

dwolfenbarger | October 31, 2019

+1, has happened several times. A warning - last night, slow traffic, car hesitantly merged into the right lane, may have been normal due to the stop and go traffic, and jumped back into the original lane as described. A stalled car, in the original lane, was the reason for the slow traffic and the car attempted to jump back into that original lane with no regard to the stopped vehicle which now, without intervention, would gave been struck by the front of my car. Didn't seem to register the stalled vehicle at all although in the moment I didn't take the opportunity to look at the screen.

RIP ICE | October 31, 2019

Me, too. Suddenly started doing this yesterday. It did it five times on my 30-mile commute home while on NoA. It never did this before unless there was an obvious threat.

Rscherms | October 31, 2019

5 times yesterday on my 2 hr highway commute. Also with lane clear it wouldn’t change at all, just stay in lane wth blinker on for miles, till I was tired of the blinker being on. I also get erratic lane keeping at highway speeds especially on turns the car will float to the outside of the turn touching the lane markings. I “bug reported all events over the last couple weeks have a service scheduled next week. Hopefully they can pull the log.

Mr. Spacely | October 31, 2019

Never had a snake problem. My continues to work very well on NOA...

Rscherms | October 31, 2019

I’m not familiar with update 2019.32.1

FISHEV | October 31, 2019

Seems a common issue though other posts to the topic may have been deleted by the fanbois.

Joshan | October 31, 2019

It is a known issue that no one I have seen denied. Software bug that will for sure be fixed shortly. Makes you look like a noob driver, but no real safety risks.

jebinc | October 31, 2019

I experienced “the snake” on the way to my wife’s appointment today, in fact. First time as I rarely use NoA, but did today due to an extended period on the highway.