Need advice re New Tesla S Config

Need advice re New Tesla S Config

So I'm upgrading my 2015 Tesla Model S 85D to a new one. I was planning on getting a long-range model but when I went on a test drive, they let me five the performance version. We turned on ludicrous + mode and I floored it. OH MY GOD! So blazing fast. Honestly, my current car goes 0-60 in 4 or 4.2 and that seems faster than hell. But 2.4? Jeez...

So this has me thinking. My old Tesla was like 105k. The current performance would be like 110k. I can kind of justify it. Sort of. 140k is just silly but 110 for top of the line....hmmmm...

Model S Performance
Ludicrous Mode
Red Multi-Coat
19" Silver Wheels
Black and White Premium Interior with Carbon Fiber Décor
Full Self-Driving Capability
Free Unlimited Supercharging

So I'm looking at the various options. I really love the red, especially with the white or cream interior. I actually have the rear arm rest in cream which I can bring forward if I go with cream. However, the white is so much cooler. But it's also probably pretty impractical. Suspect I'll stain it though I never really did stain my cream interior. The second thing is wood vs carbon fiber. I actually don't love carbon fiber but I suspect I'm in the minority and might have better resale with white/carbon than white/wood or cream/wood. Somebody mentioned the wood with the cream is getting upgraded?

Anyway, would love to get some advice. For those saying wait a year for plaid, meh... I'm ready to upgrade now.

Darthamerica | October 17, 2019

Go for it! Let us know if they still honor the Ludicrous discount for previous owners who upgrade.

zestychicken | October 17, 2019

What discount is that?

zestychicken | October 17, 2019

Ludicrous mode is included for all Performance cars. There is no longer a 20k cost. Wow previous owners must be pissed. I guess Plaid will be 20k. Who knows...

avesraggiana | October 17, 2019

Don't be shy about going with the ultra-white interior. When we bought my dad's S75D in March 2017, the showroom people told us that the ultra-white interior wore the best of all of the interiors in their test drive vehicles.

I would agree. After over two years of ownership, there's not a mark on any of the seats. The stitching around the centre armrest upholstery and the driver's seat cushion has browned with time, but that's it, and I'm the only one that notices it. I can take a Mr. Cleans wedge sponge to the stitching, and clean out that brown discolouration.

Bighorn | October 17, 2019

Do you want to embarrass Taycans or not?

NKYTA | October 17, 2019


2015P90DI | October 17, 2019

I personally chose to save my $20,000 and went with the Long Range. The new Raven does 0-60 in 3.7 seconds. Far faster than most cars on the road. I had a Performance version of my last car and other than showing it off to passengers, NEVER used it. 3.7 seconds is only 6/10ths slower than my prior P90D. Yes, its a rush to feel that acceleration, but have to decide if it's something you'll actually use? Other than showing off. Also keep in mind the notably higher insurance cost. I was very tempted to go with the Performance version as well, especially after the large price drops recently. But, common sense finally prevailed and I haven't regretted my decision for a second. But again, that's just me. I NEVER floor the car, so have no need for it. For me, it was cool to have and to show off, but then I was over it. Aside from acceleration, there's absolutely nothing different about the Performance version than the standard AWD version. So you're paying $20,000 solely for quicker acceleration, oh and painted brake calipers!!

If you're one that will utilize it on a regular basis and money isn't a factor, then by all means, go for it. The new features in the Raven are absolutely worth the upgrade.

murphyS90D | October 18, 2019

That acceleration is going to require an increase in your tire budget.

hiimphilll | October 18, 2019

Get the interior you like, not based on what you think the second owner’s preference is.

If you’re not going to be WOT more than 3x a week, I’d just stick with the LR and skip the ludicrous turbo

bishoppeak | October 18, 2019

I highly recommend the performance if you have the means(sort of a Ferris Bueller quote)

flickroll | October 18, 2019

When I bought my 2019 Raven Long Range, the salesman told me that with Ludicrous turned off, the range in Performance vs Long Range is the same. Does anyone know if that is true, I have not been able to find anything about it. In any event, the Long Range accelerates fast enough for me, especially with the $20k premium for Performance, and I really like the 370 mile range the car offers.

flickroll | October 18, 2019

When I bought my 2019 Raven Long Range, the salesman told me that with Ludicrous turned off, the range in Performance vs Long Range is the same. Does anyone know if that is true, I have not been able to find anything about it. In any event, the Long Range accelerates fast enough for me, especially with the $20k premium for Performance, and I really like the 370 mile range the car offers.

akikiki | October 18, 2019

zestychicken, MC Red if faster than black or white, and sometimes faster than black&white. And Red is safer.

2015P90DI | October 19, 2019

@flickroll, as usual, most Tesla employee's have no real clue. They are not "sales" people. They are there simply to handle the paperwork for the car you already purchased or agreed to purchase.

To answer your question, the "sales" person you refer to was categorically 100% wrong. Performance Model S without Ludicrous has the original "Insane" mode. It accelerates from 0-60 in about 3.0 seconds. Ludicrous brings it down to 2.4. The Long Range does it in 3.7 seconds.

Insane mode still gives you the amazing feel of G forces. I had a P90D with Insane mode and loved it. But, never used it. I was fortunate enough to upgrade it from Insane to Ludicrous for $5,000. regular price was $10,000, so I went ahead and did it, more for the value of it than my need for it. Yes, it was quicker, but added no further pleasure from Insane Model. My passengers gave the same reaction in either mode.

Tesla now includes Ludicrous with all Performance models at no additional cost. Per my prior post, this time around, I went with the standard Long Range version and couldn't be happier. Yes, it's slower than Insane mode, but still far quicker than anything I have a need for. I was happy to save $20,000 and benefit from an additional 35 miles in range.

Unless you're someone that floors the accelerator multiple times per week, the Long Range is MORE than quick enough for every day use and will still out accelerate just about every car on the road. If money is no object and you're one that just has to have the best of the best, the Performance model is amazing. But, for someone like me, that almost never finds a need to flat foot the go pedal, I determined that $20,000 had a lot more value be spent elsewhere and the extra range had far more value to me. Most people would pay extra to get 35 miles more range, so for someone like me, the value difference is even greater. Over 2 months in and I don't believe I've floored the Raven once yet. So, clearly I'm not missing anything.

Performance mode is something that everyone should experience at least a couple of times as it is an incredible feeling. But, for me, once I've done that, I'm over it and didn't have any further use for it.

Made in CA | October 19, 2019

High speed passing on two lane roads is a very practical advantage of the P models.

We have a 2015 85D and a 2015 P90D. Passing a big rig at 60 MPH is much less drama with the P90D. You can safely pass in situations that would otherwise be too close. It is incredible how quickly you get up to 90-100 MPH.

If you do a lot of driving on 2 lane roads go for the Performance version.

Anthony J. Parisio | October 20, 2019

I would get the cream interior because you already have the cream armrest. The thing that makes the white interior really look great is that everything else including the carpet is black. This makes the white POP! Well now with the new configuration of cream it has black carpets. It’s going to look very much like the white interior does, just a little more mellow.
Be clear it is not going to look yellow. If your armrest is a yellow cream it will not match. The new cream color pops because it’s a mushroom cream not a yellow cream. Good luck.

Uncle Paul | October 20, 2019

Big take away is that the new pricing on the Raven S/X Long Range and Performance is hugely discounted from previous offerings.

Worth taking a look. Was able to upgrade from an older 75X to a new 100X Long Range for the same price I paid for the 75X :) Great value, and a much improved car.

HETZ | October 21, 2019

My wife & I bought a Red Raven with cream interior. It's plenty fast, I keep it in chill mode for her heavy foot. In So Cal traffic is so bad you can't use the performance anyway. I agree with zestychicken...I don't like carbon fiber look. Glad we have the blond wood with the light interior. Get what you like, not what you think will resell when you're done with it. In a couple years something different will be in vogue anyway. I did put alum pedals (really need the dead pedal).