iPhone contacts and recent calls issue on 3 and S

iPhone contacts and recent calls issue on 3 and S

I have both a model S and 3. I am running iOS 13 on my iPhone X and have the latest software on both cars. Neither of these basic and important hands fee driving function work any longer. In todays world this is a serious safety issue. I understand both Apple and Tesla know the problem exists. These two tech giants and leaders just a few mile apart should move up this fix before making the horn fart, which I support, but would put to the rear (pun) in priority.

EVRider | October 19, 2019

Check to make sure your phone is giving the Tesla app access to your contacts and call logs. That access might have been undone when you upgraded to iOS 13. You can also try deleting your paired phone from Bluetooth settings and re-pairing it (you might have to set up the phone as a key again for the Model 3). I don’t think this is a Tesla issue.

AmroHabib | October 19, 2019

This is also annoying me to the point I’m about to buy an android phone. I’m getting sick of paying mo much for iPhone anyway.

red.nixen | November 3, 2019

Is there the same problem with an android phone? | November 3, 2019

I've never had similar problems with Android, including going through several major OS upgrades on my phone. Not trying to sell you on Android, but it does seem to be a more reliable all-around. On the other hand, it can be tough to change between standards - each has unique advantages.

EVRider | November 4, 2019

FWIW, neither my wife nor I have had any of these issues with our iPhones.