Just planted 150 trees

Just planted 150 trees

They are trying to reach 20 Millions
First time I see YouTubers actually do something for the planet
It’s 0,7% of what they cut annually worldwide but it’s better than doing nothing


Also bought 2 hoodies and T-shirts for the kids

100% of the process goes for tree planting from Arbor Day foundation their cost is 1$/tree in USA State Parks and they plant the trees that have the highest chance of survival depending on the region

Sorry for the solicitation

I feel entitled as a millennial, social media activist, egeneration.

I am also planting 1500 trees on the family land so I guess that makes me a real life activist too. Not just driving my Model 3.

NKYTA | November 2, 2019

Maxxer, nice! I think Elon just did a million.

I gave ~750 to my buddy that runs the Northern DNR for WI, for his fiftieth bday. I’ve forgotten what site I used.

Mike83 | November 2, 2019

Our second Solar System produced the equivalent of growing 461 mature trees in the last 5 years.

shwetakulkarni4780 | November 3, 2019

we are app developer company and we also planting trees for better can download our app from this url -

cocempire47 | November 3, 2019

Wow, that's great Shweta. Keep it up.

FactDoc | November 3, 2019

I would have downloaded it but I’m on iOS unfortunately

RedShift | November 3, 2019

I am going to contribute too. Thanks for bringing this to our notice, Max!

Tesla-David | November 3, 2019

Thanks for posting, and will definitely support their efforts. I am a big fan of "Now You Know" (Zac and Jesse), and they also plant a tree for every product purchased from ecowear.

Dr. Bob Reinke | November 3, 2019

Since installing Solar Cells, My solar-edge readout tells me that I have produced energy equivalent to planting 2,519 trees and didn't produce 102,288.28 lbs of CO2. Thereby, preventing Alliant Energy from polluting!, to charge my wifes Model S and my Model S.

Mike83 | November 3, 2019

@Dr. Bob Reinke Cool.