Scheduled departing problem

Scheduled departing problem

Does it not work for 90%? Only for 100%? I put it on last night for a scheduled departing time of 8:30 am central time and it was done charging at 5am for 90%.

Lorenzryanc | November 12, 2019

I think it's going to aim for 6am STOP charge time. And then climate comes on before your 8:30 departure. I assumed it'll charge to your set limit, but I haven't tried it yet.

nolasco1974 | November 12, 2019

Car was done charging at 5am but the car was nice and warm at 8:30

MichaelB00012 | November 12, 2019

@nolasco - when you set it up, it told you that it would be done charging by 6am because of time of use rates. Why it was done at 5, I cannot say, but if you set your scheduled departure at 830 the car will be warmed or cooled to your temp at 8:30 for you to get in and leave.

The % that you set the charge to doesn't matter, as I don't charge that far and it finishes before 6am and is warmed up for me at 6:45 so I can head to work.

andy | November 12, 2019

Did it take the scheduled start time into account perhaps? It would be good if it did, but the three options appear to be separate even though "start" and "depart" screens overlap, which I found confusing.

A "depart" tine that kicked off the charge at the "start" time would help as I can then use the charge limit to say within he 4 hour window and then have the car complete charging art 4:30 and have battery preconditioning come on around 7am.

I do think the options need to be separated out - let us tell the car our cheap tarif times, say when we'd like pre-conditioning to be ready and then let the car work out the best way of keeping costs did while having the car ready. The car also needs to be aware that people don't have the same daily schedules.

wayne | November 12, 2019

They are trying to keep it simple to start with in line with their minimalist design approach.