Tesla took away my EAP

Tesla took away my EAP

So last year around October, I ordered a white M3 Performance online which didn’t include the enhance auto pilot, but at the time of delivery I declined it. The car had paint issues and other problems that weren’t going to be fixable for me to take it. When this happened I contacted a sales person I had met locally and he tried to look for another M3 so that I would not loose the free supercharging and the tax credit.

That same day he called me and told me he had matched me to another M3 performance locally, but it was going to be silver and it was also going to come with Enhanced Auto pilot from factory as someone else had declined the delivery. For this reason there was going to a be a price increase. So I decided to accept it and told him that I would give a higher downpayment to compensate for the change in price and ensure my payments would not go any higher. My original down payment was going to be $6,500

So I went to the Tesla delivery center in Deerfield Beach, FL and waited many hours while others were being taken care off. It was almost around 9pm as they were getting ready to close and finally A delivery lady came out with delivery paperwork and I gave her a check for around $9,9942.51 which was around 3.4K more than what I was going to originally put down. Once the paper work was signed we went over all the features, lady said they would mail my paperwork and I was on my way.

There were some initial issues with my front glass and the glass was replaced 2 times. Also other minor issues but it was all taken care off. I had the vehicle perfect for 11 months until this September. I reach into my pocket open my Tesla app and saw that the image of the car looked white and when I open my M3 to drive off my EAP was gone. It seemed as if Tesla put me back into my original ordered configuration and not the final vehicle I purchased.

I immediately contacted service and then my sales person but neither knew what was going on. So customer service ask me for proof that I had purchased EAP, because they were not seeing it in the delivery paperwork or the system. So I freaked out and started to do research. Come to find out I didn't have my paperwork since it was not mailed. I went online and saw my the original paperwork but didn't see it in there. What was weird was that I had just received an email from Tesla offering me FSD. Email info below

"As an owner who has purchased Enhanced Autopilot – you can now upgrade to Full Self-Driving Capability at a reduced price of $3,000. Get access to current convenience features and future Full Self-Driving features to continually increase the capability of your Tesla over time.
Use Navigate on Autopilot for assisted driving from on-ramp to off-ramp, including interchanges, merges and exits – while Autopark and Summon take the hassle out of finding a parking spot and getting out of tight spaces.
The price of this upgrade will increase on August 16."

So I sent copy of this email, along with pictures of my EAP functioning and the salesperson told the story of what happened with the change of vehicle to the one with EAP. To make a long story short I proceeded to contact customer service for follow ups and explained the entire story multiple times but in the end they requested that the story be verified with local sales manager. So the local sales manager verified my story and what had happened but STILL Tesla Corporate was not satisfied.

It’s now been 2 months with no resolution and run arounds.

At least the app is now showing my silver model color but no EAP. So at this point the sales manger told me they are trying to get this resolved but no guarantee.

PS. Make sure to go over everything paperwork wise because if there are mix ups with the computer not even managers can get the ball rolling I guess. Not Fun and might loose 3k from downpayment

Jbosch | November 14, 2019

Correction for delivery it was Riviera Beach, FL were they never pick up the phone. Terrible customer service

rxlawdude | November 14, 2019

You shouldn't lose anything. Tesla will (eventually) make it right.

M3phan | November 14, 2019

Yes Tesla will make it right. That being said, I would never go home without paperwork in hand after a major purchase. Doesn’t matter how late it is, or how long they say it will take, I’m not walking out of there without proof that I did what I just did, in writing, on paper. If they kept me there that long to deliver the vehicle, I wouldn’t have any problem keeping them there a little longer to generate me the paperwork.

Jbosch | November 15, 2019

Well let's see what they do but so far no positive movement on the part of corporate.

derotam | November 15, 2019

When you took delivery you should have signed an MVPA, get a copy from them if you don't have it. Also, have you been charged for EAP? meaning, downpayment plus loan amount equals car with EAP?

calvin940 | November 15, 2019


you should see stuff like this in your account under "View Details" (the asterisk characters are my inclusion to highlight):

Midnight Silver Metallic Paint

18’’ Aero Wheels

All Black Premium Interior

Premium Interior
****** Enhanced Autopilot ******

and in your Order Agreement:

Description Total in CAD
Model 3 -
Model 3 Long Range AWD $69,400.00
Dual Motor All-Wheel Drive -
Premium Black -
Midnight Silver Metallic $1,300.00
18’’ Aero Wheels -
Premium Interior -
Enhanced Autopilot $6,600.00

You need to see those or you don't have it.

doigtsdhonneur | February 20, 2020

Jbosch did you get it back in the end?