Scheduled Departure feature not working

Scheduled Departure feature not working

Is anyone else’s scheduled departure not working? My cabin temperature never changed

82bert | November 15, 2019

Pretty sure it’s not for cabin temp, but for charging/warming battery so you have good regen. Still need to manually turn on climate early.

Pg3ibew | November 15, 2019

What is the temp set to BEFORE you left the car?

jdcollins5 | November 15, 2019

I used Schedule Departure last night and it worked fine. Charging completed at 5:30 AM and cabin temp was at 66F when I got in the car at 9:00.

Joseb | November 15, 2019

I don't think the manual says anything about the temp of the cabin (HVAC), but the temp of the battery, and calculate when to start charging so is at the desired % level and optimal temp (battery wise) to the scheduled time.

Effopec | November 15, 2019

There's definitely a setting for cabin temp to come on. I've had mine on depart at 7:30 and it seems to be charged by 6:00 - much too early. and I don't really want the cabin temp to go on, it's not cold enough (or hot enough) for me to need it in the mornings. I've gone back to using the Stats app's smart battery prep.I use that to charge to 70% starting at 2 am, then to come on again at 7 am to up the charge to 80%. That way it is charging when I leave around 7:20 & I don't have regen dots.

M3phan | November 15, 2019

HVAC is used to make the cabin comfortable before departure. That’s in the release notes. The system will turn on at whatever temperature you have saved to your profile (or the easy entry profile). The battery is charged to end before 6 AM and then based on your set departure time the hvac will turn on and make the cabin comfy. The battery charge will also top off at this time.

jefjes | November 15, 2019


slingshot18 | November 15, 2019

Read the release notes. It tries to finish charging before 6am for electricity pricing reasons. It will turn on HVAC to be ready by the time you want to drive based on the settings you had it on when you left it. If you had it on auto and set to 72 when you parked, it will be at 72 when you want to leave the next morning.

Brunoranger | November 15, 2019

So my climate portion isn’t working. My car charging stops at 6 am but makes no difference to me my electric rates are the same. All I want is 5 mins of climate control and battery conditioning before my scheduled time but it doesn’t seem to work

charles.a.braun | November 15, 2019

How long will it maintain the preset cabin temp and or battery temp?

Suppose I call in sick for work one day and therefore do not leave at my scheduled 5:30 AM departure.

At what point will the car realize I am not going to drive today and just resume normal operations? Or will the car stay at 70 degrees with the battery prepped all day just waiting for me?

Joseb | November 15, 2019

Ahh cool it sets the cabin temp as well, although not super critical for me :)

M3phan | November 15, 2019

@Bruno, another troubleshoot idea: make sure after you park that your climate control is still on and running before you exit.

andy | November 15, 2019

Conversely it’s important to move the slider scheduled start time to avoid unnecessarily heating the car if your schedule during the week is variable.

This feature does need some tweaking. Works OK for me at the moment as I’m using a lot more juice in the cold for my daily commute and can’t fit the recharge within a 4 hour 7kWh charge window at cheap rates. Will be frustrated if the software hasn’t been tweaked by the time the weather warms up a little. Can revert back to the scheduled start time to co from charging, but hoping Tesla will add a bit more control to what will eventually be a nice all year round feature.

kevin_rf | November 16, 2019

I can echo, it was a nice first attempt at the feature, but it needs some serious work.


Be able to set the TOU hours (mine are 11pm to 7am, not 6 am)

Turn off preconditioning the cabin. I almost never turn the environmental controls on before I get in the car. It heats up fast enough, and I'm in central Mass. Many of us would prefer it not turn on by itself. Complete waste of electricity.

82bert | November 16, 2019

My mistake. I guess it does. It’s set for my wife’s but not mine since I have a variable schedule.

anhlue | November 16, 2019

I think this feature only affects me. My discounted rates stop at 6am and I do leave around this time sometimes. Ironically, I have no idea how to set departure time. I’m wondering if it’s because I just have an SR+ model 3 with basic AP and no FSD? I went into Charging and no option on the app or screen in the car.

Sarah R | November 16, 2019

@kevin_rf said
"Turn off preconditioning the cabin. I almost never turn the environmental controls on before I get in the car. It heats up fast enough, and I'm in central Mass. Many of us would prefer it not turn on by itself. Complete waste of electricity."

It takes far more energy to change the canon temperature than to maintain it. The reason you precondition the cabin while on "shore power" is to reduce the load on the traction battery.

I know you're a hardy soul from Mass, but I think you'll find that you'll have a little extra range with not much impact on your electric bill if you precondition both the battery and the cabin before you drive, while still connected to your home charging solution.

Sarah R | November 16, 2019


(Autocorrect and I despise each other)

bill | November 17, 2019

I'd like to see the 6AM feature disable-able. For example: Taking long trip today, departing at 11AM. Set the battery to charge to 100% and I know it's not god to let it sit long at 100%. We don't have Time-Of-Day electricity here, so stopping charging at 6AM in anticipation of electric rates going up isn't needed..

ian | November 17, 2019

The 06:00 hard-coded limit makes it useless in the UK, where even if you have a time-based tariff it is controlled by a radio signal and typically ends at 08:30. I don't have a time-based tariff - I pay the same at all times of the day - so it's never going to work for me.

soltis2 | November 24, 2019

I set it at 3PM (or so I thought) to depart at 5:45 AM, but it started charging immediately and finished at 6PM - did not wait. Something tricky about setting this?

darrow149 | November 25, 2019

Scheduled departure and pre-conditioning worked at least once for me last week. Sunday night I checked to be sure all the settings were ready to go, but just after my scheduled departure time of 6am Monday my car was neither charged nor pre-conditioned. I'm switching back to starting at a pre-set time until this is fixed.

Pg3ibew | November 25, 2019

I noticed the same thing two weeks in a row. I am scheduled to be ready 530 am WEEKDAYS. Two Mondays in a row, the car was not charged, and the cabin was not warm. Every other day of the week, it has worked.
Also, it is charging as soon as I plug it in.

mjhwa | November 26, 2019

Yeah I've experienced all of the above with 1 car or 2 cars - neither scenario really works on Scheduled Departure.

Before this I was using Google Apps Script and the Tesla API's to achieve the intended Scheduled Departure behavior and was looking forward to deprecating that. It's not a 100% success rate due to rare cases that either Google Apps Script or Tesla API's fail but still way more reliable (~90%) than what's available natively in the car.

I'm confident it can be fixed by Tesla. I think it just needs to be able to read/calculate the charging rate prior to setting the start time to meet the scheduled departure time. Then it needs to either reset that start time if conditions change, e.g. the charge rate is changed due to another vehicle load sharing, and/or be able to throttle the charge rate to hit the scheduled charge time.

WEST TEX EV | November 26, 2019

V 2019.36.2.3 4a358fb

May have fixed this. Requires testing. SUGGESTION TO TESLA: Also would prefer this in APP.