I have a very early Model 3 (Vin 13XX). I recall when I first got the car, the auto park icon would appear quite a bit, even when there was no actual space. Despite messing with it quite a bit, I've never been able to succeed in getting the car to recognize a parking space in quite some time, and in fact, in the two years I've owned the car, I have NEVER actually used the feature! I am curious: is there any chance there's something wrong we my car? Or am I doing it wrong? Or is this just not a feature that works very well, and in fact hasn't been improved in the many software updates?

jdcollins5 | November 16, 2019

I just used AutoPark about a week ago. So it is still available.

At one time it sped up and was actually pretty good and could center better than I could. Subsequent updates seem to have slowed it again. Now I will only use it when there is no traffic in the parking lot.

spuzzz123 | November 16, 2019

@tesla assuming you bought eap and/Or fsd, right? try approaching the spot closer than you naturally want to. That helped me. Your repeater camera needs to be close to the spot in order for it to recognize that you want to park.

bjrosen | November 16, 2019

Does it have the ability to back into a space? I don't need help with parallel parking, in a world full of F150s it's not hard parking a small car like the Model 3 because parking spots are pretty spacious. But I'm not comfortable backing into a space, it's something that I've never done until I got the Model 3. Unfortunately Tesla put the charge port on the wrong end of the car which forces you to back into charging spaces, if the car could do that on it's own that would be great.

spuzzz123 | November 16, 2019

@bjrosen all it can do is back into a spot. And then only if there are other cars parked immediately on either side. It usually is not super helpful. Usually takes too long and a three point turn to get in. A bit of a gimmick.

EVRider | November 16, 2019

@bjrosen: Yes, Autopark is supposed to handle both parallel and perpendicular parking spots, and it always backs in. But if you supercharge much, you'll get used to backing in yourself. I often back into perpendicular spots even when I'm not charging especially if there's a curb, since the radar won't detect the curb but you can see it on the rear camera.

randyisaac01930 | November 16, 2019

I use autopark whenever I can, both for parallel parking and backing into a spot, primarily for practice and getting used to the feature, even if I can easily do it myself. It has been working very well--until I installed 36.2.1. I used it yesterday and was appalled. Instead of the steady, though slow, parking maneuver, the car was behaving oddly. It would come to a stop and then lurch forward some more. In backing into the spot, the steering wheel would suddenly turn wildly to the right and then wildly to the left when all that was needed was a slight tweak. And it added an extra maneuver forward a bit and backward for a slight correction. That never used to happen. Is there a learning curve for the new software? It was definitely a step backward. Has anyone else experienced this?

SalisburySam | November 17, 2019

Still have never used AutoPark as it has never worked. I’ve followed the helpful suggestions of many posters here but I’ve only seen the AutoPark “P” appear in traffic, not once when I want to park. This has been a totally undelivered feature for me on my 06/18 LR RWD EAP/FSD. And v36.2.1 hasn’t changed that. Still envious of those for whom it actually, like, parks.

Sarah R | November 17, 2019

Noob with an honest question- please don't flame:

Will "Summon" back the car out of the garage?

Will Autopark safely park it in the garage?

(Ok, that's two questions)

EVRider | November 17, 2019

@Sarah: Summon can move a car into or out of a garage, but Autopark is only intended to park in recognized parking spots. So Yes to the first question, No to the second.

Sarah R | November 17, 2019

@EVR Thank you!

Daryl | November 17, 2019

@Sarah R "Will Autopark safely park it in the garage?"

Actually you can use Summon to move the car into the garage. I don't use it because my wife wants more room on the right so she can easily open the door of her own car, so I hug the wall on the left. Summon will try to center the car if the spot is narrow enough.