SR/MR range....but with P/Ludicrous acceleration???

SR/MR range....but with P/Ludicrous acceleration???

I don't need 310/322/325/370 range. I've owned my AWD for over a year. 90% of 310 is WAY more than I'll ever need (I know, not an opinion for everyone, but just hear me out).

Let's pretend, 200 miles of range, all the bells and whistles of the LR 3, and 0-60mph in 2.5-3.0 seconds for like $40k?

I want the Ludicrous speed but not the pricetag of the P100D/3P.

Does the power have to only come from the big battery packs?

Could/Would T ever sell this type of car variant?

Your thoughts and opinions appreciated.

Happy Saturday :)

pjwheeler83 | November 16, 2019

As an SR+ owner I can tell you she's no slouch.

You'll never get the performance of the AWD/P variants from the SR/SR+ trims.

1: 1 motor instead of two

2: Smaller battery = less power

I was dreaming of buying a SR+ AWD but quickly realised that wasn't happening.

Im hoping that by the time my SR+ dies I can afford a P3D+

Mike UpNorth_ | November 16, 2019


No diss on the SR+ acceleration!

For shits and giggles;

SR starts at ~$35k
Add a motor $5k
Add P software $5k
Minus ~40 miles of battery pack ~$5k

Total ~40k

Why not. I'm already sold.

A P3D with a SOC at 30% is still P fast. So size of battery to start I don't think 100% matters to overall acceleration.

Mike UpNorth_ | November 16, 2019

Unless I'm wrong. Which is usually the case....

rsingh05 | November 16, 2019

@Mike - I think you are looking for the Taycan Turbo - ~200 miles of range and ~3s 0-60. Porsche would love your money!

kevin_rf | November 17, 2019

You never know when that extra range will come in handy.

Last Wednesday, had to head out to Springfield. Charged to 90%, then bumped it up to 95% just before I left, so warm battery. Left with 275 miles range on a cold 28f day. All highway driving at speed. On the way back had to detour back down to Worcester to pick someone up from an appointment. Probably drove 170 miles, and arrived home with only 40 miles left.

What impressed me, was not that I could do it, but I could do it in the winter without a super charger stop. Not that I didn't pass three of them during the trip.

To me, that is the power of a 310 mile range vehicle and why 310 should be the min range. Cold weather range losses make it a 200 mile vehicle.

With the SR+ I would have had to charge to 100% and most likely still needed a super charger stop.

Mike UpNorth_ | November 17, 2019


Good point. Now where did I put that $150k....

Mike UpNorth_ | November 17, 2019


Agreed its great to have. Charged to 90% yesterday. Wife drove around for 3.5 hours. Came home with ~90 miles remaining. Which is what got me thinking about OP. In over a year, I/we've gotten the battery down to ~100 miles maybe 4 times. That's what prompted me to think.....I don't need 300+ mile range.....But man, would I love 0-60mph in 3s.....

Sarah R | November 17, 2019

I can't help but think that anyone who is stomping on "ludicrous mode" with a small traction battery would quickly wish they had a larger one.

(Mumble, mumble) size, (something something) envy.

Mike UpNorth_ | November 17, 2019

No comment :)

kevin_rf | November 17, 2019

Don't have enough fingers to count under 100 miles, actually not enough fingers for under fifty miles. I do spend two to three hours a day in the car though.