Low Tire Pressure Warnings

Low Tire Pressure Warnings

I noticed yesterday that my tire pressure was down to 40-41 psi on all four tires (it's gotten cold.) So I filled them back to 45 psi.

Today, for the first time, I see two tire pressure warnings on the screen.Above the speedometer is a yellow tire cross-section with an exclamation mark inside. And where the Sentry mode icon normally sits is a red circle with an exclamation mark inside. Clicking that icon opens a notification about "Air pressure below recommendation for tires."

Checking the tire pressure shows they're fine. Actually, at the moment my wife's driving and we've been at highway speeds for almost an hour and all tires report 48 psi.

How do I reset these warnings?

Magic 8 Ball | November 17, 2019

You will usually have to drive the car a few miles for the TPMS to reset. If the tires check out with your own gauge fine then drive the car a bit to see if it goes away.

Bighorn | November 17, 2019

True fact

FISHEV | November 17, 2019

You can reset the tires via the "Service" screen. You'll see Reset TPMS. I had to do it a couple times recently with new tires. It seems to work by hitting the "Reset", you get the "working" spinning wheel and just drive off at that point. It should reset in a few minutes of driving.

You can reset to an tire pressure you choose.

I have my Xice's on 40 psi.

Bighorn | November 17, 2019

Though you might not see the warning go away until you cycle off and on again. TPMS should register a new pressure soon after you exceed approx 20 mph.

Bighorn | November 17, 2019

No need to reset tires if you haven’t changed out wheels.

Magic 8 Ball | November 17, 2019

Can always tell winter is coming when these threads pop up.

bill | November 17, 2019

Thanks, folks. We've been driving >100 miles with no change. I gather we'll need to stop and let the car "reboot" for it to go away. If not, I'll check out Service mode.

Thanks again!

Magic 8 Ball | November 17, 2019

So you never had any type tire pressure warning until after checked the tire pressure and then filled up? Where/how did you fill up your tires?

But yeah good idea to reboot, let the car sleep, and see if it goes away then. Sometimes the messages can be persistent longer than need be.

Bighorn | November 17, 2019

What pressures are showing on the TPMS screen and are any yellowed?

VolleyballNE1 | November 17, 2019

In my experience, the tire pressure page will correct itself with driving < 15 mins.
But the red exclamation point and warning on the top of the screen will not go away until the next drive.