Cybertruck Naysayers Consolidated/Answered

Cybertruck Naysayers Consolidated/Answered

Here is a consolidation of the most frequent "issues" and why they really are not an issue (in my opinion):

1) No one wants one – 200,000+ reservations would say otherwise.

2) Broken glass was a disaster – Not quite – likely gave Tesla the equivalent of $100 million in free advertising and social media placements.

3) Ugly – It seems many who thought so changed their perspective, especially considering the value and features. This often happens when a dramatic change is made to the status quo.

4) Rivian is laughing at Tesla – Perhaps not anymore as many have already abandoned Rivian and switched to the Cybertruck. It might even doom the Rivian’s truck as way overpriced for what you get.

5) The prototype is not street legal – Yep, so was the Model X. Not a huge issue to add a couple of side mirrors, but too bad the USA doesn’t allow side cameras like Japan.

6) Can’t be used as a work truck with side access – There was talk of the sides opening, but no demos. It should address most of this need. You can also use the rear cabin for stuff or load the bed from the rear. Many work applications do just that.

7) Fast 0-60 is unimportant – True of current truck buyers, as the fastest current truck has a 0-60 of 5.1 seconds (2019 F150 limited edition, $68K base). All others are far slower, and many are so slow it can be scary entering a freeway.

8) Who needs bulletproof metal? That’s not the real concern, but avoiding dents and dings is a constant problem, especially with work trucks. Eliminating paint is a huge plus.

9) Not a work truck because you can’t have a ladder or pipes on a rack. Who says you can’t have a rack? Even if Tesla doesn’t offer one, you can be sure some third party will. Very few pickups come with a rack.

10) You can’t access the toolbox from the side of the bed. – Partly true. Both sides open to provide additional storage. No need to buy or install separate toolboxes.

11) Poor for off-roading due to Air suspension – This is an unknown, but it could be the most comfortable off-roading truck made. We’ll have to wait and see on this one.

12) What about the front crumple zone or bumpers? What makes anyone think it doesn’t have a crumple zone or bumpers? Every Tesla S/X/3 made has a wide steel beam behind that plastic bumper. It’s used to crumple the aluminum structure behind it in a front collision. Cybertruck is not going to be any different. It may even be the first truck to get a 5-star safety rating.

sbeggs | November 25, 2019

Nice list!

Ross1 | November 25, 2019

We dont need two threads the same so I will just insert mine here and use @TTaps thread only

What to say to friends about all the fake CYBRTRK news: list of true or false
Submitted by Ross1 on November 25, 2019

Well, just false will do.
Can you number/bullet point your list items please?

This is so we have a goto reference when our friends say such and such , it is a flop, etc
Ross1 | November 25, 2019

Post a link with the fake news if possible
Ross1 | November 25, 2019

1: It was /is a flop (but I just cant find the link yet)

2: The glass shattered. And splintered. It didnt. Plenty of links out there.

3:They wont take over the truck market.
Its not the point. What they are doing very well is to lead a kicking and screaming industry to Sustainable futures. | November 25, 2019

Good timing. I just made a thread an hour ago on various issues with answers:
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Ross1 | November 25, 2019


PrescottRichard | November 25, 2019

All valid points if you look at them as ‘we don’t know if..’ However the way that article is written and the links within it sure look like someone has a short position and didn’t disclose it. When someone says it’s not street legal ask ‘who is saying this?’ When you have no source cited, and maybe I need to say - no RELIABLE, educated and relevant source, then who is saying this?

We will find out in a few or couple years. So this thread should peter out quickly. Right?
Ross1 | November 25, 2019

That was 4:
Ross1 | November 25, 2019

@ TT: then I wont compete, will transfer to yours if you like

andy.connor.e | November 25, 2019

#3: I would agree its ugly. But as living proof it took me about until Saturday morning to come around. Im not in love with its appearance. Im in love with its functionality and specs.

mbowden | November 25, 2019

#6 I use trucks at work, the current trucks have gotten too tall for even me at 6'4 to get stuff in and out of the bed from the sides so I am already used to climbing in and out of the back to get stuff as it is. The ability to lower itself will make getting in and out much easier.

Ross1 | November 25, 2019

@TT: have you any way of getting to the journalists who misunderstand rather than those who misrepresent the truck, Tesla et al?

Some trawl the forum, but rarely quote from here. Sometimes they do mention a member name from either club.

Ross1 | November 25, 2019

@ mbowden:
At our big box store, I was refused a ladder to tie my load off.
When I threatened to hold them responsible when my load fell off, suddenly the manager gave be a step thingy.
I now take a ladder with me.
This week I saw a guy standing on his rear wheel for an even greater stretch | November 25, 2019

@Ross1 - "... getting to the journalists..."

Alas, no. Still having this thread may help. At a minimum I and others. if we see misinformation, we could point to this thread.

jimglas | November 25, 2019

No Collusion!
or some other such nonsense

martbizon | November 26, 2019

In regards to side access of the box. A lot of people are making a big deal out of this one, I think they are missing some big points. I always found it a pain reaching over the sides to get anything out of the box of my truck and ended up putting a lot of scratches in the paint doing so. The Cyber truck has a massive frunk which is larger than most tool boxes. It has 2 side tool boxes on the sails which also look rather large. It has a tool box in the bed. And the ramp makes it easy to walk into the back of the truck negating the need to reach or climb over the side.

Madatgascar | November 26, 2019

Re: #5. Adding side mirrors is easy, but what if the main rear view mirror camera is disallowed? Would they have to eliminate the sloping tonneau cover so drivers can see out the rear window without the camera?

Also add one that came up in the “for engineers” thread: Jaws of life may not be able to get through the material to rescue crash victims.

sbeggs | November 26, 2019

Excellent points.

Wormtown Kris | November 26, 2019

The only two times in my life I bruised a rib, both occurred when I tried to reach over the side of a pickup to try to grab something out of it instead of climbing into the bed. That included a 1990 F150, so it's not like traditional full size pickups have been easy to reach over the sides for thirty years anyway. A Chevy S-10, sure. But loading and unloading from the 57" wide tail gate should not be any problem.

RadarMile | November 26, 2019

Great list, but can we add the dash to this list? It's a pre-production model and I think we can all agree that it will not look like the slab of marble in it's final form. I'm just surprised how few people (naysayers or otherwise) are talking about that. On a side note, I'd also love to see Tesla finally add a HUD on this model. What other changes would people like to see on the production version of the Cybertruck dash?

Ehninger1212 | November 26, 2019

I am literally mostly in love with the way it looks. like i'm obsessed.. i think it beautiful. However i come from a design and manufacturing background so yeah. | November 26, 2019

@Madatgascar - The Bolt uses a camera rearview mirror, but the trick is when it's not powered, it becomes a mirror. Tesla could do something similar, but I expect it would need to be on an adjustable mount. The prototype had a fixed LCD display for the rearview display.

Here's the USA law summary: Mirrors: All motor vehicles must have a rearview mirror that provides a view of the highway for at least 200 feet to the rear. If a load or trailer obscures the driver's normal view through the rear window, the vehicle must have two additional rearview mirrors, one on each side of the vehicle

SO | November 26, 2019

They could weld a rack for the ladders.

The truck could lower itself for easy access from the side.

The LARGE frunk is the toolbox.

Broken glass on any other vehicle would be much worse. No, Elon didn’t break the glass on purpose but this turned out to be the biggest free marketing campaigns anyone could ask for. No one is talking about any other vehicle right now.

The idiots on CNBC think it’s silly to compare to Ford. Do these “ANALysts” even bother to look at the specs and price? Ford and GM should be really scared. Rivian May be DOA and same with the Ford electric pickup.

bgbythsea | November 27, 2019

This is either monumental flop like the Edsel, or a hitting it out of the park breakthrough moment in automotive history. I think the latter. BTW I think Elon knew very well that the glass could (would?) break. Break or not it was a win either way. I have my pre-order in.

hcwhy | November 27, 2019

Ehninger 1212 ++++ !!

SamO | November 28, 2019

No fucking way he wanted those windows to break. I was there. He was rattled. He said “oh fuck” or similar if you listen to the audio and there is video of the practice going as planned.

Sometimes a clusterfuck is just a clusterfuck.

andy.connor.e | November 28, 2019

He says "oh my f@#$ing god" when it broke. EM posted a video to twitter showing Franz throwing the steel ball at the windows before the event and they did not break. They did not see that coming.

SamO | November 28, 2019

I mean they knew it was a possible outcome. The glass isn't made of imaginary adamantium.

tauginas | November 28, 2019

I've read on rumours, that delivery will begin in Feb 2021 only... that a bit of an ouch, I'm bit impatient to wait that long (not that I have any other option, if true)

Wormtown Kris | November 28, 2019

It's conceivable that they could get production up early, but that would be really early! I'd be very surprised.
I do think they will alter their ramp plans and shoot for much higher annual production than originally forecast, just like they did with the Model 3.

molchmeister | December 3, 2019

Honest question, if one had a catastrophic accident in this thing would a fire department be equipped to extract you from this tank.

andy.connor.e | December 4, 2019

Thats the best question asked so far. We're not sure. The unveil was to just show the truck, i am sure they are going to have an unveil #2 just like Model 3 where they talk about everything. I will not be signing any purchase agreement until the full details of the truck are revealed, no matter what it looks like.

TabascoGuy | December 4, 2019

If your fire department has the tools most other have (hammer, crowbar, the Jaws of Life, circular abrasive saws) they can get you out of the Cyberrtruck without any trouble.

andy.connor.e | December 4, 2019

Did anyone see this yet? Apparently a solution to be able to hold an 8' slab of plywood.

andy.connor.e | December 4, 2019

I think Elon intentionally made the unveil as ambiguous as absolutely possible, showing us only the things that people want to see first. The design, interior, exterior, and the options with all the performance stats with the pricing.

Why? Because after the unveil all the in dept details have been getting out. People are submitting requests via twitter for things like colors and he is basically like "sure". I think hes literally just letting the market steer the direction of what is going to be offered instead of making all the decisions themselves.

davidskudder | December 4, 2019

What a MISSED OPPORTUNITY! One of Elon's stated missions is to remove carbon emitting vehicles from the earths highways. What farmer/rancher or average everyday pickup truck user is going to buy a pickup truck that looks like it came from Mars? The steering wheel is not functional and while the truck might be "cool," it most certainly is not practical. Where are the plug-ins for the commercial user to run tools? I was already to list my F150 for sale and buy a Telsa pickup truck however that is going to have to wait for a new design before I buy one. Love my Tesla X, hate the truck design! Elon...let Spacex concentrate on the moon, design a pickup the market can embrace! | December 4, 2019

@davidskudder - With over 250,000 orders, it seems the market has embraced it. Definitely not for everybody. Not sure why you consider the steering wheel not functional - it worked fine in the test rides. It even seems to have a better turning radius than most trucks. It also includes both 120 and 240v outlets, that can run tools for days. Not sure any other truck has that built-in and as functional for commercial use.

andy.connor.e | December 4, 2019

The only thing thats not practical about the Cybertruck is the appearance of it. Functionally, its superior to just about every car on the planet.

Xerogas | December 4, 2019

@davidskudder: "Where are the plug-ins for the commercial user to run tools?"
Um, did you watch the reveal? Did you see/hear what Elon said?

El Mirio | December 5, 2019

@ molchmeister I think there has to be a way to remove those large glass panels fairly easy, making it unnecessary to cut away the roof like in regular cars, maybe even increasing fast access to the inside of the cabin.

Also jaws of life should be able to pry open the doors, as far as i can tell the door latches are already stainless steel on todays cars. | December 5, 2019

I also forgot to mention that the Cybertruck includes a compressed air outlet. Again, not sure any other truck offers this as standard or even as an option. We don't know the specs yet, but it sounds like you can connect air tools to it.

SamO | December 5, 2019

Rivian is targeting compressed air

"At the back of the Rivian R1T pickup truck bed lies a set of 3 USB-C and 3 110V outlets, which would be an invaluable feature for owners who love to camp outdoors (the feature pretty much makes the R1T into a giant power bank). The built-in air compressor will also be useful for owners who are transporting bikes and inflatables during trips." | December 5, 2019

Cool! Seems the legacy companies are falling further behind.

TabascoGuy | December 5, 2019

You'd need a storage tank to be able to run air tools, otherwise an on-board compressor is only good for airing up tires and inflatables.

SamO | December 5, 2019

And 110 is pretty lame compared to 220.