Just installed 36.2.3

Just installed 36.2.3

It says “minor improvements and bug fixes”. No new functionality added.

I hope they have fixed the sentry-mode-not-activating issue. I have found my car several times with sentry mode disabled although the setting has been “on except home & work address”.

Bighorn | November 25, 2019

Just did it remotely from 2000 miles away.

JAD | November 25, 2019

Nothing new that I saw, nothing in the notes.

stingray.don | November 26, 2019

I got it several days ago and haven’t noticed any difference.

spuzzz123 | November 26, 2019

Just installed it last night. My estimator now shows about 10 more miles than it used to at the same soc. Wonder if there was a recalibration or tweak of the algorithm.

derotam | November 26, 2019

@spuzzz123: no you got it all had battery degradation and that now has magically reversed itself!

M3phan | November 26, 2019

Downloading now

M3phan | November 26, 2019

Tesla app also updated for
Me yesterday to 3.10.2

rob | November 26, 2019

@Bighorn. "Just did it remotely from 2000 miles away."

Try Summon now and see if it works.

Devilstower | November 26, 2019

I'm seeing the same thing as @spuzzz123. My estimated range on my SR+ had gradually declined from 232 to 220. But after this install, it's back at 232, right where it started. My real range -- based on my 247 wh/mi consumption over the last 5500 miles -- has really been closer to 214.

It seems that this update may have reset the calculations. On the other hand, maybe it just added that ten miles that Tesla found in moving the dial on the SR+ from 240 to 250.

bp | November 26, 2019

Any notable bug fixes from 2019.36.2.1?

Pepperidge | November 26, 2019

Option changed from HOLD to ROLL after update. Switched back to HOLD.

Magic 8 Ball | November 26, 2019

Installed this morning. Did not get a notification on phone after install was complete, like it has done before.

charles.a.braun | November 26, 2019

Installed it last night. I hope it fixed "walk away door lock" which for the past week or 10 days has been as bad as it was 2 years ago.

Bighorn | November 26, 2019

Can I get a Nest, first?

12Brent | November 26, 2019

I'm going to hope they improved the HOLD feature when reversing. I love HOLD while in Drive but when I'm reversing out of my garage sometimes when I let off the accelerator the car will actually rebound forward due to the regeneration occurring while in reverse. It's really unsettling when this happens? Am I the only one whose had this happen? I live in the city with a short steep apron into my garage from an alley, so it might be a unique situation being experienced by me.

vmulla | November 26, 2019

Time to test 5-clicks :)

Any suggestions for control experiments before I start?

jwmille2002 | November 26, 2019

Is anyone else having trouble with Spotify? My gets stuck on repeat, rebooting is not fixing it. Has happened intermittently before, but reboot would usually fix it.

globalMan | November 26, 2019

According to Tesla SC staff, my iphone app is not working properly for activating the car is due to the software update V10.

It can do just about everything except sometimes it won't open the door when I get near the car. Sometimes, after I get in the car it asks for the card key before I can drive.

Anybody also experience similar issues with phone as key?

jwmille2002 | November 26, 2019

I have also had some issues with opening car with phone using the iphone10. Sometimes it won't recognize, even if phone is in my hand, so obstacles to reception. If I go to the tesla app (always open anyway), it usually does the trick. How about your spotify?

globalMan | November 26, 2019

The SC staff told me that it is a known problem for Tesla, and they are working on it.

I do not have premium Spotify.

gparrot | November 26, 2019

globalMan, I too have had issues with the car asking for the card with my old iPhone in my pocket. I wait a few seconds, touch the door handle, then completely activate the door handle, and voilà, it works. Seems like sometimes, Bluetooth needs a few seconds to transmit my phone id to the car.

globalMan | November 26, 2019

Hope Tesla will fix it in due time.
Actually, I am pondering on the idea of getting a Tesla FOB. But $150 keeps me pondering continuously.

httran26 | November 26, 2019

Phone as key has been working great for me. I have an iPhone 5S IOS 12.x. Sometimes the car doesn't immediately detect the phone, so I just move my phone that is still in my jean pocket closer to the car and it works. It has been a pretty long time since I had to take out my phone to cycle bluetooth or open the app.

spuzzz123 | November 26, 2019

@jwmille2002 this happened to me when my phone app version was ahead of my cars version. Is that possibly the case for you?

jebinc | November 26, 2019

Yeah, the five "Advanced" button push didn't work then, nor does it now.

Kathy Applebaum | November 26, 2019

@spuzzz123 Mine shows 3 miles less. You took my miles! ;-P

globalMan | November 26, 2019

How many of you opted to buy the $150 fob? Are you happy that you did?

gparrot | November 26, 2019

BTW, I also downloaded the update of the Tesla app on my phone, v 3.10.2.

Westerbamos | November 26, 2019

12Brent- I have this issue as well. Very unsettling the first time it happened. I’ve learned to ease off the pedal more slowly which seems to make it slightly better.

globalMan | November 26, 2019

#gparrot: For the app, how do we update its software to the latest version? Thanks.

jeffwarr10 | November 26, 2019

I just picked up my new M3 and still have V9 software. How do I get it to download the latest version?

gparrot | November 26, 2019

globalMan, just go in the App Store, find the right Tesla app and hit the "update" button. It’ll do it on its own.

IHaveArrived | November 26, 2019

@Pepperidge +1, same thing happened to me.

Magic 8 Ball | November 26, 2019

My driver setting retained what I had selected before which is the "hold" function.

bddaughe | November 26, 2019

It was strange. I lost my "hold" function the day before the update. Just out of the blue. I changed it back to "hold" and it wasn't changed by the update. Not sure what happened to cause it to change the day before though.

jamesc | November 26, 2019

@bddaughe I lost mine outside of the update. What I did was change the seat position and then press restore. When it went into hold as part of the software update, it seems it happened automatically and therefore was never saved and would be restored any time the profile restore button is pressed.

Tcloutier5890 | November 26, 2019

Got the key fob. No more wondering if the car will unlock or not. The fob is smaller then I thought, easy to carry. $150 is a lot to me but the satisfaction of not having to stand in a parking lot trying to open the car with people watching makes this a great purchase for me.

gballant4570 | November 26, 2019

I also noticed (while driving) that my previous HOLD designation had gone back to ROLL. Put it in park at a red light and put it back. It stayed there. Interested in seeing the SOC mileage estimate tomorrow morning after charging....

jimglas | November 26, 2019

my projected range went from 309 to 319 after this update
2018 P3D-

CST | November 26, 2019

I noticed that this version removed the click when hold engages.
But then I realized that my music was too loud! :)

globalMan | November 26, 2019

#Tcloutier5890: I was kind of sold before. Now I am completely sold.

M3phan | November 26, 2019

Drove around for several hours today, auto pilot and now on auto pilot all worked very well, like before. I only noticed a few things now different, and it’s all Bluetooth from phone related, 3 separate issues that I haven’t had until this update, and so I submitted bug reports for them.

The first issue: watching Netflix on the screen, then close out, the Bluetooth connection to my phone is lost/disconnects. Have to reconnect Bluetooth setup.

Second issue: when BT streaming music from my phone, when I interrupt it to do talk to text on the phone, after the text is sent and the music streaming comes back on, it is for a second or two very loud then drops down to its appropriate volume setting.

Third (final) issue; BT Music occasionally cuts out for a split second or sends a quick “pop“ sound through the speakers but the music continues playing. Doesn’t do this with every song, doesn’t do it with a lot of regularity, but did notice it a few times today.

As I said, I submitted bug reports for these issues.

Estimated range: Haven’t noticed any range changes like a couple of you have noticed, though I did get the update after my car was charged, so let’s see what happens tomorrow morning.

M3phan | November 26, 2019

Oh, should’ve said, I have July 2018 LR RWD, Premium, FSD

spuzzz123 | November 26, 2019

“@spuzzz123 Mine shows 3 miles less. You took my miles! ;-P”

Lol Kathy. Extrapolating for 100% soc mine went from 305 to 315 how about you?

ElectricAlex | November 26, 2019

Update did not fix speaker dropout thatappeared in last update. Randomly the rear speakers and front right will stop working while playing music.

M3phan | November 26, 2019

@ ElectricAlex, interestingly I never had any Soundsystem problems until this update, though to be more accurate, I don’t think I have a sound system problem as much as a Bluetooth problem, because I haven’t heard any drop outs or pops from slacker or tune in

ElectricAlex | November 26, 2019

My experience started with last update and continues with this latest update. Not terrible, but annoying when in the middle of my jam the speakers all cut out except the front left. Thunderstruck sounds like shit mono.

BTW HW2.5 if that matters.


12Brent | November 26, 2019

@Westerbamos, I'm hoping for an update that'll allow us to select ROLL for reverse and HOLD for drive. That would be perfect, imo.

BGOOD2GO | November 27, 2019

I continue to have an issue where I have to push down the stalk 2 or 3 times to get into drive. I was told months ago it is a known iPhone problem. Anyone else?

hokiegir1 | November 27, 2019

@Bgood2go - Are you waiting until all of the system check lights go off before trying to put it in gear? If you just put your foot on the brake and immediately try for gear while all of those are still on, it won't do it. You have to give it a couple beats between brake and gear.