M3 "Teslita" found her mate in "Teslasterone" Cybertruck

M3 "Teslita" found her mate in "Teslasterone" Cybertruck

Teslita + Teslasterone. A match made in heaven.

We have been struggling over "how to replace" our utilitarian 2000 Honda Odyssey... With its reliability and its versatile, spacious interior it has served us well. It has moved everything including people, furniture, trees, our tandem bicycle, and even a piano. It has excelled as a moving and a camping vehicle.

BUT, since 2018 we have had an M3 and we are smitten with the EV magic of our TESLA. Watching the Cybertruck reveal, we knew the answer. Our M3 Teslita found her mate in Teslasterone.

kevin_rf | November 29, 2019

What if Teslasterone self identifies as a Nissan Leaf?

CST | November 29, 2019

Ugh! Poor car!

lilbean | November 29, 2019

Or what if Teslastoerone identifies as Teslastrogen?

lfmadison | November 30, 2019

This would be a better match if you have a red Mod 3.

Garyeop | November 30, 2019

Just visited family in backwoods of Tennessee. My brother is a gun toting, Trump loving, lives where the road turns to dirt country boy. He is considering the cybertruck. If Tesla can sell to him, they can't make enough of them. I asked him if he was worried about the look of the truck. His answer was as long as the tobacco spit doesn't fly back into the cab, it will look fine.

sbeggs | November 30, 2019

Tobacco chewin'...
Your post made us smile