Western Australia Powerwall 2 restriction to 3KW

Western Australia Powerwall 2 restriction to 3KW

I have a powerwall 2 installed since the start of 2019 and it has been working fine until a week ago. Now the peak charge or discharge has been restricted by Tesla to 3KW. They have done this without informing me. I called them assuming it was a bug and was told, they had to do it because of the below. This is an extract from Tesla's information provided.

All Powerwalls installed in Western Australia also need to comply with the phase imbalance
requirements outlined in Table 8 of the Inverter Embedded Generation – Network Integration Guideline,
specifically a maximum phase imbalance of 3kVA for all 415V three phase connections.
To manage compliance with these requirements, Tesla will be updating all Western Australian
Powerwall systems via software upgrades to introduce a 3kVA phase imbalance detection and active
power control for single Powerwall installations on three-phase sites. This will result in the following:
 Single Powerwall installations on single-phase sites – no change.
 Multi (3) Powerwall installations on three-phase sites – no change.
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 Single Powerwall installations on three-phase sites – Powerwalls will have 3kVA phase
imbalance detection and active power control applied via a software update automatically Q4

This change means as consumers we are worse off and need to get more from the grid when we use A/C or heavier appliances. Is there anyone else from WA on this forum, who has had similar issue?

gregbrew | December 10, 2019

Sounds like compensation is in order. I'd ask Tesla for a refund of 40% of the value of the installation, since they reduced what you can instantaneously pull from it by 40%. Alternatively, they could simply give you another PW to make it up...

Passion2Fly | December 10, 2019

that's 3kVA phase imbalance limitation. it's not 3kW total power output limitation.
make sure your electrical panel is properly balanced. it's very rare for a residential dwelling to have tri phase service, at least in Europe and USA... it can happen but rarely... do you have tri phase service?

maddy09 | December 10, 2019

yes we have 3 phase service and most residential properties in Australia have 3 phase. The issue is tesla seems to blame western power and western power blaming tesla. When one sold the product and the other approved the application which clearly had the details of the specs etc.

maddy09 | December 10, 2019

@gregbrew, would a second powerwall solve the issue or do you need 3 powerwalls for each phase?

Passion2Fly | December 10, 2019

I think @gregbrew proposed to increase the total output from 3kW to 6kW with two PWs. Not installing one PW per phase which, I believe, it’s not possible.
However, just read the specs as 5kW total output power and 3kW maximum imbalance between phases...

maddy09 | December 10, 2019

yes its the phase imbalance requirement that is the problem.

piers | December 21, 2019

I have 3x PW2, installed one per phase. Various loads throughout the house are plumbed to different phases. Additionally we have a 3phase HVAC, lift and rollerdoor.
The limitations are primarily related to Backup/Off grid mode; where-in only one phase/PW is active.
I believe the new Backup Gateway v2 resolves this limitation.

adam.lippiatt | December 24, 2019

Have a look at the document “Battery Inverter Energy System (IES) Requirements” published by Western Power in 2017. I think it is the current one. It has a table near the back which sets out imbalance limits in various configurations. I would be interested to hear of which category yours falls into. I have my powerwall installed in a single phase connected house. I have the backup gateway version 2.

Have a talk with Western Power. The authors of the “Requirements” are in the front. I had to talk with them when there was some confusion about whether you could add a Powerwall if you had any other inverter at all (eg grid tied solar inverter) because they have a 5kVA generation limit. But it was just confusion. If the Powerwall had a hybrid inverter in it you would have to disconnect your existing inverter and run your solar through the Powerwall. But as it doesn’t, you don’t. Other BESS with hybrid inverters now suffer from this in Western Australia. So annoying ...

Western Power want to get their act together on this if we want to clean up this grid.