Found damage within an hour after delivery, options?

Found damage within an hour after delivery, options?

I took delivery of my model 3 this past weekend. After taking it home, I noticed some damage to the charging port cover. I took a picture and notified the delivery center, sales advisors, and the general order support email without any resolution. Is this something they would cover and have fixed?


Magic 8 Ball | December 17, 2019

Unfortunately no one here works for or can speak for what Tesla will actually do in your case.

RJMIII | December 17, 2019

It sounds like something that will be under warranty. I’m 39k miles on and I have paid for nothing. I’ve gotten a new 12v battery, several minor recalls, and a new right front control arm. I’m still on my original tires too. Give them time, they will make it right.

stevec195 | December 17, 2019

Your darn tight brother. Document everything! After a year of what I would describe as willfully channeling a warranty claim made 24 hours after delivery to “voice only” I’m still no closer to resolving my issue.

BadgerErickson | December 18, 2019

Where did you take delivery? At a Tesla center?

FWIW: you CAN refuse delivery on a damaged vehicle.

stevec195 | December 18, 2019

In my case, it was at a Walmart parking lot at night. NEVER do a field delivery!

Linhfu | December 18, 2019

I took delivery at the Tampa Florida delivery center. I noticed the damage 31 miles.later at home.

hcwhy | December 18, 2019

If you had noticed the damage upon inspection of the car at delivery, there's no doubt Tesla would cover it (or you could have refused delivery), but if the damage could have been caused either before or after you took possession, the water's a bit murkier.

BadgerErickson | December 20, 2019

All new buyers, and MAYBE some seasoned ones should read this Doc set......please.... | December 21, 2019

One thing that would make it more clear is the type of damage. If a clear manufacturing defect - such as an error in the plastic molding of the part, it will clearly be covered. If a scratch on the outside, that's less clear.

I feel Tesla's service is better than most, but like other automakers, they have to draw the line somewhere. Let's hope they will cover it. My next step would be to make a service appointment and explain the issue. Tesla is far more likely to respond and get it taken care of. You make the appointment from the Tesla phone app which lets you select the appointment date and time.