OTA update 2019.40.50

OTA update 2019.40.50

Tesla releases an OTA update (released the week of 12/22/2019) aimed at safety improvements while driving.

Some notable improvements include:

- Voice command improvements (climate, vehicle, navigation, media, communication settings)
- Audio/Visual onscreen display of incoming text messages (reply via voice to text)
- Save dashcam footage on honk option
- Camp Mode
- Driving visualization improvements

“In an Edmunds scorecard for 2020 Top Best EV of the Year, the M3’s UI received the lowest score. According to Edmunds, the M3’s MCU was deemed a safety hazard based on the potential distractions for the driver while operating the vehicle”.


The update is moving quickly through the fleet, and is much needed as the Tesla UI has the most potential of any modern vehicle. The platform can only improve from here.

EVRider | December 25, 2019

Lots of goodies in this update, but unfortunately it also seems to have broken voice commands for many of us. Time will tell whether that’s an issue with Tesla’s servers (which process voice input) or a bug in the update. I received 40.50.1 in our Model 3 yesterday, still waiting for the Model S update.

jordanrichard | December 25, 2019

What are they now calling Camp Mode, that we didn’t have before?

Mike | December 25, 2019

I also noted some of the voice commands were bricked. I have an X and use a Google pixel 2 XL, and cannot get text messages to display. Does anyone know if an android device such as a google pixel is precluded from sending texts via bluetooth? The car instructs me to enable messaging over bluetooth, however I cannot find a way to do this on the Android pixel 2, nor has google search unveiled any methods.
Hopefuly this isnt a IPHONE ONLY feature and It is an Id10T problem....

nipper2 | December 25, 2019

Since update voice commands have a issue. Has anyone tried texting?

a.almajnooni | December 25, 2019

I have the update without (Driving visualization improvements and Save dashcam footage on honk option). Any thoughts?

NKYTA | December 25, 2019

Texting reply work. Initial text sent from car did not. Wife’s 3. 40.50.1

Mike | December 25, 2019

Are you using an Ifone or and antroid? Cannot get receive texts to work with my Pixel 2, and wondered if this is an issue with telsa software only speaking Italk...

steve.peters757 | December 25, 2019

While my phone (OnePlus 7 Pro) connected no problem before the update, it is spotty at best now. I was able to get one text message read (though it also read the header and footer code) it will no longer connect with my phone. 2018 Model X with the new MCU 3.0.

crt6598 | December 25, 2019

Downloaded last night (12/24/19), so far:

The good:

- Bluetooth incoming text notifications update to mobile device (iPhone X): ✔️
- Incoming text notifications/ read as voice: ✔️
- Respond to text via voice: ✔️
- Camp mode: ✔️
- Honk to save dashcam clips: ✔️

The not so good:

- Incoming text messages are audio chimed in (optional), and displayed onscreen (cards), however a tap is needed to have the text read
- A tap is also needed to confirm/send outgoing voice text messages (replies)
- Voice command recognizes commands, yet fails to execute (climate, vehicle functions) thus far (“show the rearview camera” does execute oddly enough)

Work in progress, but overall way better than fumbling around for the phone. Also if the phone is set to “ do not disturb while driving” mode, incoming text messages may not display (depending on device).

exPGAhacker | December 25, 2019

Kinda buggy so far... will spend more time with it after Christmas dinner!!

EVRider | December 25, 2019

Voice commands (including sending text messages) were broken yesterday because of Tesla server issues. If you were having problems earlier, try again.

@jordanrichard: Here's what the release notes say about Camp Mode:

"Your car can now maintain airflow, temperature, interior lighting, as well as play music, and power devices when Camp Mode is enabled. To enable Camp Mode, tap the fan icon at the bottom of the touchscreen and set Keep Climate On to CAMP while your car is in PARK. Big batteries rock.”

I think Camp Mode is the first time you can keep all the accessories on if you're not in the car, where Keep Climate On is only for the climate control.

Mike | December 25, 2019

To enable text notifications for android users, go to messaging, settings, notifications, enable network notifications turn on.
Go go bluetooth on Tesla and enable, Your phone should ask for you to confirm to allow Tesla to access. Then all good.
It was an ID10T problem, with few instructions on the update.

YousifA | December 25, 2019

Anybody notice decreased range after the update? I’ve only had my car for 2 weeks, a Performance 3, but I had been charging to 90% the last week and it would report 279 miles of range. After the update I charged again to 90% and it reported this AM only 264 miles of range. Similarly, it seemed to drain more on my drive to work and while siting at work all day. Any thoughts?

sced06 | December 25, 2019

The update is horrible. Didn't Tesla test this? I've gotten the voice commands to change climate and open glove box sometimes but other times it just ignores the command all together. If I say send a text message the card will come up and say "tap to dictate" I tap it and it says "listening." but then I speak and nothing and the card just feezes and I have to swipe it away. after about 20 tries it finally actually dictated my message. Then it says "tap to send." but when I tap it it doesn't send it just erases everything and says "listening" again. It took Tesla years to offer something cheap Honda's and Fords have done for years and they couldn't even get it right. I expected way more from a 50K car I purchased instead of a Mercedes.

wilwith1l | December 25, 2019

easily the worst update i’ve ever seen, perhaps in any piece of software. how does an update for voice activation end up breaking all voice activation?! lol just silly this got through testing.

sced06 | December 26, 2019

Ok it must be their servers because now it's working perfectly. I can receive, reply and send text messages. And you don't have to tap the screen you can do it with the right wheel. Also if you say "text" it will pull up the dictate screen and then you have to send it. But you can also say "message" then the name and then the message and it sends it all at once without having to touch anything. You have to say message though. If you say text and the name and then the message it thinks it's part of the contact name and will say contact not found.

martin | December 26, 2019

I‘ll try voice commands when back home. German voice commands never Werkes well before so i will give it a new try next week...

steve.peters757 | December 26, 2019

Tried to pair my phone again today, same problem. Car doesn't see my phone and vice versa. Anyone else having this problem? Android phone, and it was paired before the update.

prodarts | December 26, 2019

Yes Steve, the problem seems to be widespread, especially in europe and basically all non-english speaking countries. Which seems to make it even more difficult for us to make tesla realize they broke our cars.

deanzsyclone | December 26, 2019

I just received the update Tuesday the 24th, I also left that morning for a trip to Mammoth Lake California. 700+ MILES!! 98% on autopilot. I just got home today 12/26 at noon, Here's what I noticed. Autopilot did some odd firm phantom braking on the freeway with no one in front of me and no bridges in front of me, three times within 30 miles of the new firmware install, at places it never has done so before. Also I noticed that while traveling in the slow lane, and merging traffic approaching on the onramp, FAR away and moving SIGNIFICANTLY slower than I was, I would receive emergency braking for that vehicle still on the midway part of the onramp. But perceptible in the onscreen radar, about at my 3-4 oclock position and fading behind me (until the braking scare). Normally Tesla handles this situation almost flawlessly. I had to correct or anticipate this error a few times on the trip. Also, while on this 700+ mile trip the traffic light and stop light display did not activate one single time durring our trip!!! 100% failure rating over and over. LASTLY "Bug report" just now comes back as "command not recognized" so no way to report this problem to Tesla. EXTREMELY dissapointed in this update. How did my autopilot get so much worse. At least the texting feature worked flawlessly for me. 2019 Raven X Performance. 2019.40.50

crt6598 | December 26, 2019

Sced06 you are absolutely correct. It also seems like the UI got faster on my M3 as of today as well (with little to no lag):

- Incoming text messages display on cards section (chime notification optional)
- Press the right scroll wheel to read the text (displayed and voice)
- Press the right scroll wheel again to reply/send
- Incoming texts disappear from the cards If there is no reply/response command

I set my phone (apple iPhone X) to “do not disturb while driving” mode, yet a text notification came in, which is also a plus (no need to disable it from the phone manually).

Commands like “navigate to”, have been rendered obsolete. Simply by saying “home”, or “work”, will do the trick. Likewise with artists by name, the command is executed from Spotify in my M3.

Climate controls are now spot on. Commands like “climate on/off” are executed with no lag, likewise with specific temperature, seat heater commands.

I even tried “turn the fog lamps on”, the UI displayed “command not recognized yet”, which means eventually it will be, and probably some others.

I’d really like to see an improvement on the maps/traffic visualization, to the extent that if there is extreme traffic or an accident/incident detected ahead (within a certain radius or some other factor), the UI would recognize that (as it does via the color coded lines, dark red being the heaviest traffic), then suggest alternate routes (to include local streets, other freeways).

buddha | December 26, 2019

Like others, I'm seeing some of the same issues with voice commands.
-Literally 3/4 of the time there is no response on the VC system.
-Bug report seems to fail.
-In many cases, I have to YELL to get it to respond.
-90 of the time new commands fail (set temperature, open glove box, seat warmer (actually turned up when I said turned off).
-Messaging works for incoming, but I could not get a single reply out.

I think Elon pushed to for this to be rushed out just so they could show some progress on FSD. I was excited about the voice enhancements, as it will be a huge safety improvement, but this was half baked or rolled out before it was ready. Hopefully the next update will fix some of these problems and Tesla is looking at the forums to know they have a problem.

Roman.g.wilson | December 27, 2019

Is anyone else seeing degradation of autopilot with this update?

It seems like auto pilot is now weaving/ping ponging between the lines, as to where it use to stay pretty centered

deanzsyclone | December 27, 2019

Update, stoplight and stop signs now working, my bad, have to enable it. It makes sense for liability reasons.

jerrykham | December 27, 2019

So far we haven't gotten the text messages to work on my wife's model 3 (my model S hasn't gotten the update yet). It is all configured - set up in the car and the permissions enabled on the bluetooth connection on the phone. Just no texts show up. Chime is even enabled. I am starting to think it has to do with the fact that we use Google Fi (the MVNO, not the Fiber) and because it enables easy texting from your PC we still use Google Hangouts for text messaging (it has been deprecated for non-Fi customers). I'm willing to bet that switching to the "messaging" app for texting will make it work - but that would be a trade off since they we wouldn't be able to easily send SMS messages from our PCs. I'm going to have to test it when my model S finally gets this update and I set it up for my phone. Although, Hangouts does work fine with my FitBit over Bluetooth. So it really should be working...

reed_lewis | December 27, 2019

I got the text message working with my wife's iPhone. It works quite well.

reed_lewis | December 27, 2019

My late 2016 Model S with HW2.0 still has not gotten the update. Some Christmas present for me. :( Tesla is leaving me coal in my stocking.

EVRider | December 28, 2019

@jerrykham: I don’t understand your configuration, but as long as text messages come through the phone’s native text messaging app, it should work in the car. There are changes you have to make in both the car and on the phone to make it work, so recheck the release notes and make sure you did everything correctly.

If you’re using a third party app for messaging, that won’t work unless it uses the native phone text messaging app.

steventkim | December 29, 2019

@Mike -- Can you provide more details on how you set up SMS sync? I'm on a Pixel 3, and using Google's own Messages app, I don't see any settings for "Enable network notifications."
When I try to set the toggle in my Model 3, I do get a message on my phone saying that the Tesla is asking for permissions to my messages, but when I select "allow," nothing happens on the car, and the toggle stays deactivated. Anyone else having problems getting this feature to work between a Pixel device running stock Android and a M3?

Scarab | December 29, 2019

I really hate to pile on, and over all I like a lot of the new features of this update. However since bug report is now broken and their phone numbers are closed I am simply hoping someone will look through the forums for issues to research. Thankfully i do have a tech coming to my house later this week for other issues.

I like the new stop lights and stop signs, though the light colors are near impossible to see especially when it is an arrow light. I think it is great that it recognizes trash cans but a little surprised it doesn't recognize fire hydrants (granted of these two only one is likely to move but I would like to know if there is a hydrant I shouldn't be parking near.

The new voice commands are great, but honestly would love a version that fixes some of the old ones before adding new. It is extremely rare I have ever been able to make a call using voice command that doesn't require me to look at the bottom corner of the touch screen (aka taking my eyes as far off the road as possible. This is mostly because it doesn't recognize most of the names in my phone book (ie. It prefers Mark/Marc with K and doesn't like it with a C, Catherine/Katherine only works with a C but not a K which is ironic when you compare it to Mark/Marc, It hates anyone with a middle name or title such as Sir., Mr. Ms. Mrs. Miss., Dr., etc even though these are in the specific field for it on the phone, and it will always require additional physical input when that person has more than one number. And the same has carried over for texting. I get to say to text the name, then tap to confirm the person, then tap to choose which number, then tap to begin dictation of the text, then tap again to send it. That is typically a button push followed by 4 taps (all of which require my eyes off the road and a hand off the steering wheel), though likely better on a Model S/X but on a Model 3 is is frustrating.

My car also gained a new feature, so far with one contact, near every time I get into the car it begins calling this person. I will hit the hang up button on the cars touch screen and a few seconds later it could start calling again, the record so far is 4 attempts and sometimes moving to another person. It never did this before but don't know how to stop it and I feel bad when my car starts calling someone at 2am. And today while talking to that specific contact/friend whenever I would get in the car it would still try calling them even though I am already on the phone with them. And when I would get out of the car it would call them again, ended up on two calls with this person multiple times, good thing I no longer pay for minutes.

I have also yet to find where I can favorite anyone and we still don't have cell phone signal strength of battery level. Yet I get AM/FM signal strength?!? Not even a Bluetooth signal strength. I also have never had the car download any of my previous text messages even though I enabled it, not sure if this is related to RCS (I know that causes a problem for some apps such as Your Phone in windows), but I text a lot of people with iPhones that don't use RCS so who knows.

Sadly this is all on top of voice command randomly not working at all and the now failing bug report. And the car randomly decided to come to a full stop because someone turned across my lane (coming from the other direction) while I was driving 30mph more than 300 feet ahead of me (yes more than a football field). I ended up coming to a full stop more than 200 feet before their turn after they were already off the street and that car didn't start moving again right away. In reality I likely wouldn't have even need to slow down.

The car is far more confident since 2019.40.x for changing lanes but since 2019.40.50.1 it now has trouble with exits causing it to sway back and fourth between the right travel lane and the exit only lane (especially when markings are faded).

I am sure some fixes are coming, hoping soon. I love that we keep getting all of these new features but many of them from a User Experience perspective, especially related to hands free calling and texting are years behind other vehicles, the car can drive itself but can't make a phone call?

carras | December 29, 2019

@Scarab I'm having the same issue with calling people.... it's randomly calling my mother in-law.... I disconnected my phone from the car but it reconnected automatically 3 minutes later and started calling her again. I guess I have to turn off bluetooth on my phone?

"My car also gained a new feature, so far with one contact, near every time I get into the car it begins calling this person. I will hit the hang up button on the cars touch screen and a few seconds later it could start calling again, the record so far is 4 attempts and sometimes moving to another person. It never did this before but don't know how to stop it and I feel bad when my car starts calling someone at 2am. And today while talking to that specific contact/friend whenever I would get in the car it would still try calling them even though I am already on the phone with them. And when I would get out of the car it would call them again, ended up on two calls with this person multiple times, good thing I no longer pay for minutes."

Ja88tt | December 29, 2019

Has anyone in Canada got the "live traffic visualization" in this new update working for them? If so is there a special location on the screen you can activate it from?

EVRider | December 30, 2019

@Ja88tt: Don’t know if visualizations work in Canada, but in order to see them anywhere you need HW3 and you have to enable them under Controls > Autopilot.

EVRider | December 30, 2019

@Ja88tt: Sorry, I misread your post, you were asking about live traffic visualization on the map, not stop signs and traffic lights. I’m pretty sure live traffic visualization is available in Canada, but you need Premium Connectivity to access that feature. To enable live traffic if you have it, touch the map to display the live traffic icon on the lower right of the map, then touch that icon.

Mike | December 30, 2019

@stephentkim, On the Pixel, open messaging, settings, notifications and enable Network notifications.

ptamburr | December 30, 2019

Mine has started telling me that for some inexplicable reason that cameras are blocked and that I need to clean them - then the message disappears - then it reappears again. And there are no obstructions.

EVSince2012 | December 30, 2019

@Mike - maybe you didn't actually read @stephentkim's post. The pixel 3 runs Android 10. There is no enable Network Notifications under Messaging, settings, notifications on the messaging version running on the pixel 3 Android 10.

I have the same problem as @stephentkim - pixel 3 and no know way to enable the phone to send the text messages to the car.

benjaminburbawi... | December 31, 2019


benjaminburbawi... | December 31, 2019

I'm experiencing the same problems as reported by other pixel owners running Android 10. I have a pixel 4 xl. Besides not being able to send messages, I also do not have the favorites shortcut in the phone app.

SirCharge41 | January 1, 2020

... just installing 2019.40.50.7 on my Raven S LR ...

jimglas | January 1, 2020

installed 2019.40.50.7 on MX yesterday

linda7664 | January 2, 2020

I see everyone has the same issues with voice command and lights/stop signs not showing up. Is there someone we contact about this or do we just wait and hope someone from Tesla reads all of this and does something??? This is very frustrating!!!

EVRider | January 2, 2020

@linda: No, not everyone is having issues. The voice command issues have been intermittent and are primarily caused by Tesla server or connectivity issues, since most voice commands are processed on the server. Most people who aren’t seeing traffic lights and stop signs either don’t have HW3, don’t have version 40.50.x, or haven’t enabled the FSD Visualization option under Controls > Autopilot, all of which are required.

PrescottRichard | January 2, 2020

WRT voice commands- I thought the way they had always worked was to hit the button (and let go) say what you want and hit the button again. Some on the AZ facebook page say that’s not how it used to work, rather you used to hold the button down until you’re done speaking your command and let go. Now it’s just hit it once (and let go) and say your command and you don’t have to hit it at the end.

So, maybe try some variations? I’d swear my car displayed a ‘hit the button when you’re finished with your voice command’ but I don’t use it often and only to make calls. Try it in park :)

EVRider | January 2, 2020

@PrescottRichard: There might be a difference between dictating text messages and using other voice commands, but I'm not sure. I think in the past I've had to hold the button down until I finished speaking the command.

steventkim | January 3, 2020

@EVSince2012, @Mike -- I finally got my Pixel 3 to show the "Text Message" toggle under Bluetooth Settings for the Tesla. I had to first turn OFF all the toggles under Blueooth Devices > Tesla Model 3 > (gear icon). On my phone, that meant turning off "HD audio", "Phone calls", "Media audio", and "Contact sharing." Then when I went to my Model 3 and turned on the "Enable messaging over Bluetooth," the toggle was added on my Pixel 3 under the Bluetooth device settings. Hope this helps somebody.

crt6598 | January 3, 2020

Downloaded and installed 2019.40.50.7 this morning. The release notes are basically the same (probably bug/speed/visualization improvements).

The speech to text is faster now, the UI made no errors typing on my behalf. I was able to carry a conversation via text while driving with no issues.

Very nice work Tesla Team!!, I’d say you guys rock, but you probably already knew that!!, HAHA!!.

rscrane2 | January 4, 2020

Does anyone know if my 2017 Model s 75d with enhanced autopilot should be receiving the latest update enabling texting. I am currently operating on 2019.40.2.1.....thanks for your help!

kdgrotz | January 4, 2020

I have a 2019 M3 LRAWD but do not have FSD. My screen shows orange cones but does not show traffic lights or stop signs. Is this because I don’t have FSD?

kdgrotz | January 4, 2020

I have a 2019 M3 LRAWD but do not have FSD. My screen shows orange cones but does not show traffic lights or stop signs. Is this because I don’t have FSD?