any update on the cellular reconnect issue?

any update on the cellular reconnect issue?

Sometime last spring, I noticed that whenever I got off work and drove out of our underground parking lot, my cellular connection would not reconnect. I would drive all the way home from Los Angeles to Ventura County, and sometimes after about an hour it would eventually reconnect. Nothing I could do in the settings would help it reconnect (turning wifi on/off, etc). I wasn't sure if it was caused by an update or a hardware issue. During that time, I had no entertainment/streaming/podcasts, nor realtime traffic (which is very important on my route). The only way I found that I could re-establish connectivity was to do a manual reboot of the car, and then it would eventually reconnect within about 5 minutes, but by then it was too late to alter my route due to traffic. After a couple of months of rebooting every day, I called Tesla probably in May 2019, and they confirmed it was a software bug since it would reconnect after a reboot, and I should wait for a fix. Then a few months later I spoke to Tesla again, and this time they said they wanted to troubleshoot it. A technician did some remote diagnostics and determined that I had a bad cellular board, so they scheduled a remote service call. So I took a day off work to be home for that (September). At 5:00pm the night before my appointment, they called and said that the cellular board had arrived, but the technician said when replacing a cellular board, they also need to replace the main board, so they would have to order it, and I would have to reschedule. So I scheduled it for a couple weeks later (October), and took yet another vacation day from work to be home for the appointment. Again, at 5:00pm the night before, they called and said that the technician said that the main board had arrived, but the install can't be done via mobile service, so it would have to be done at a service center. So they got me an appointment at my nearest service center for the next morning, and said they would transfer the parts over there. I got to the service center on time, and they had no record of my appointment. Instead, they continued to insist that it was a software bug that I need to wait to be fixed. I told them this had been six months now since it was introduced, and then called the mobile service team again. The mobile technician said that the remote diagnostics showed I needed new hardware, but the Agoura Hills SC still refused saying it's a known software issue and hardware won't fix it. So the mobile technician finally called the SC technician and explained what he had found. So then the SC technician said he would do diagnostics on it, so he did about 5 minutes of testing in the SC, and then he drove it around the block, and came back and told me that he never lost cellular signal, so it's a software bug. I explained this only happens when the car is parked underground (with no cell signal) for several hours, and then it won't reconnect. He insisted that they know of the issue and they are working on it. So I asked if this is a software issue, then it must be affecting hundreds of thousands of other Model 3's as well, and he confirmed yes, it is affecting every other Model 3 on the road. I asked for an estimate on when it will be fixed, and he had no idea. I guess most Model 3 owners are lucky enough that they don't have to park their cars underground for long periods of time, which causes them to lose cellular signals, but I'm surprised that I'm not hearing more about it, as I'm sure it has to be impacting some drivers. And if this is a software bug introduced sometime last spring (now 9 months later), why hasn't this been debugged by now? It's really getting irritating to have to reboot my car every single day as I drive out of my parking structure at work. I haven't noticed any other postings about this issue in the forums, but perhaps I've just missed them. Is anyone else getting frustrated with this bug and waiting for a fix? Why isn't this getting more attention? I'd really love to see some attention paid to this known "software" issue apparently affecting every single Model 3 on the road today.

donharvey2323 | January 2, 2020

I have had this happen when parking underground or when leaving a dead zone on the highway. Hopefully they fix it soon.

lance | January 2, 2020

Yeah, they've been telling me that it will be fixed soon since last May. I wish someone could give me an idea what "soon" means.

lance | January 15, 2020

Here's a couple of photos showing the problem in realtime. As you can see, I start driving in the West Los Angeles/Brentwood area, and these photos are after a long commute up the 405 into the San Fernando Valley, then west on the 101 across the entire valley and then I cross into the Conejo Valley/Ventura County line, and without a forced reboot every day, this is what my screen looks like (no cellular/LTE bars, and routing with no traffic data):