terrible summon

terrible summon

I just installed latest update, after buying full self driving.
and I'm shocked at just how BAD it is. after Elon promising FSD before end of 2019.
Seems like its nowhere NEAR done.

I parked my car in a grocery store parking lot.
no other cars around.

targetted the side walk right outside the store.

Should have been super easy: come down one parking lot lane, turn left and park by the curb outside the store.
but no.

the thing comes down the aisle... almost nosedives into the curb. backs up and does a 3 point turn.

Comes towards me...
but drives on the LEFT side of the road...and stops there???

Terrible. This is still alpha quality, but it was supposed to be released a week ago?

phil | January 4, 2020

(PS: this isnt old version hardware either. This is a brand new model 3)

andy.connor.e | January 4, 2020

Why is there such a disconnect with understanding the state of their Autopilot/FSD system

There was no promise for FSD by end of 2019.

WW_spb | January 4, 2020

Unbelievable. I would shit email to Elon

Sarah R | January 4, 2020

Musk said that FSD would be "feature complete" by the end of the year. I'm guessing we need to check the SAE document linked in a different thread to see what that means. I never took it as "I'm buying a robotic chauffer". I took it to mean that all the required parts and peices to demonstrate FSD would be there. Maybe not available to me just yet, but they've got it in their lab and could push it out to the cars at any time. The FSD previews I think are Musk's demonstration that "feature complete" is really close, if not done. The car recognizes stop signs and traffic lights, cones and other obstacles. You can see the signals change in real time. So there AI sees it and understands it. It's just not allowed to respond or react to it yet.

phil | January 4, 2020

"The car recognizes stop signs and traffic lights, cones and other obstacles. You can see the signals change in real time. So there AI sees it and understands it. It's just not allowed to respond or react to it yet."

and thank goodness for that.
Because I've seen it take lights for a diagonally crossing road, as green lights for the road I'm on.

Fuzzball | January 4, 2020

@phil. Just sell the car and move on. You been duped

stingray.don | January 5, 2020

Care to provide a link to where Elon “promised” you would have full FSD by the end of 2019 and it would work flawlessly?

M3phan | January 5, 2020

Still works reasonably well for me. And I’m on HW2.5 with latest software update. Rather than Go to Target, next time try Come to Me (change the option by hitting the crosshairs icon upper right of the summon map screen).

M3phan | January 5, 2020

Smart Summon feature release notes are clear that the car will not always observe the proper side of the parking row or always observe parking lot lines. Hence beta.
Elon has said that parking lots are some of the hardest fsd scenarios to perfect, lots of edge cases/variables, but the more it’s used the better it will get.
Relax. Have you used AP and NoAP on the highways and freeways yet? That’ll give you a better appreciation of the state of things.

spuzzz123 | January 5, 2020

Hold on a second. Same phil troll that antagonized the forums 18-24 months ago. Search the forum you’ll find plenty of posts by phil talking about how incompetent and deceptive tesla is. Guess he had a change of heart and bought the car. And bought fsd. He’s also a Bolt owner.

Why don’t you trolls at least change your name before you resurface? Not foolproof but much harder to spot.

stingray.don | January 5, 2020

I hadn’t tried it in a while, so I used it today. It worked flawlessly. Chose the appropriate route, stopped for crossing traffic, and came right to me.

andy.connor.e | January 5, 2020

How many times has Musk said something was going to come out on a certain date and it didnt? Did they still end up meeting that goal later on??????

My god people.

Resist | January 5, 2020

I've tried Smart Summon twice and twice it didn't work, which embarrassed me because I was showing it to non Tesla people. I wish Tesla hadn't released it in this form, but I understand why. It was so they could free up some of our FSD revenue.

andy.connor.e | January 5, 2020

No i think its more likely they released it like that so that people could use it, and use the data to improve it. Like autopilot.

Resist | January 5, 2020

Andy.connor.e - no, it was actually to release those FSD funds that they weren't allowed to use until a certain amount of FSD was provided. Because honestly what they released doesn't work all that well, right now. It should have been more polished with this release. At this stage it's really just a parlor trick and not very useful.

jebinc | January 5, 2020


TexasBob | January 5, 2020

I think the purpose of smart summon is to give the neural net a bunch of data from real-world complex driving situations while operating in a very low risk environment. It is the perfect data set to train on unmarked lanes, curbs, pedestrians, etc. So when you use it you are contributing to a very important set of data. My 2 cents.

Resist | January 5, 2020

TexasBob - I'm sure that's part of the purpose, but not the main reason.

coselectric | January 6, 2020

I've used smart summon about two dozen times. It works correctly about 3 in 4 times. When I have used it, it was always to show it off to a friend, and when it works it invariably causes jaws to drop. It's especially fun to see the expressions on other people walking through the parking lot when they see a driverless car tooling around. When it doesn't work it's still good for a laugh. I've definitely had some funny experiences with it.

Sarah R | January 6, 2020

Some speculate that Smart Summon was released to gather real world data to train the AI. Others suggest that it was too allow Tesla to use the money they've collected for it. I'd suggest that those are not mutually exclusive and very well could both be true without conflict.

In any case I've only tried it once, in an empty parking lot, by myself and the experience of watching my new car move entirely on its own was ... unsettling. The car was doing exactly what it was supposed to be doing, but I "chickened out" and stopped the experiment.

For the people who have been embarrassed by Smart Summon fails, I gotta ask:

Would you pick up a violin and play a Panini caprice without taking lessons first? Of course not. You'd embarrass yourself. Test it in controlled conditions before you demo it. Learn what it's really going to do.

gmr6415 | January 6, 2020

@Sarah R, I agree, but I believe there is another factor or two. In most states if not all (I can only speak for the states I've lived in) traffic laws don't apply in privately owned parking lots; therefore, issues such as collisions are civil and law enforcement isn't involved.

Secondly are there any states that currently allow full autonomy on public roads? Private property is mostly the only place to collect that sort of data.

M3phan | January 6, 2020

Smart Summon was tested for MONTHS in the EAP before it was released. Its current form is dramatically better now, and it has improved since its first public release. Use it in non risky situations. The more we use it the better it gets amd the closer we get to fsd. I use it a few times a week. Not to show off to people, although occasionally a random bystander witnesses it, but to keep feeding data.

MrSexyTime | January 6, 2020

Phil, you've changed man.

Joshan | January 6, 2020

I really do enjoy @Sarah R posts. Keep up the good work!

Sarah R | January 6, 2020

Oh crap.. that was supposed to be a "Paganini caprice" ... not Panini.

I swear if I ever catch autocorrect in a dark alley ...

M3phan | January 6, 2020’ll swing a punch and Autocorrect will turn your fist into a pillow.

stingray.don | January 6, 2020

^^^ Ha!

coselectric | January 6, 2020

@Sarah, I've never made a Paganini caprice before, but I've eaten a few - I could see how lessons might help, but they don't look that hard to make. Is that the one with presto sauce?

Orthopod | April 5, 2020

Is it work the extra $ for FSD?
How much would you be ready to pay for FSD?

spuzzz123 | April 5, 2020

Stop resurrecting dead threads a-hole. Your never ending campaign is tired. Don’t you have fake covid patients to save?

WW_spb | April 5, 2020

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