Unable to buy FSD upgrade for my model 3

Unable to buy FSD upgrade for my model 3

i would like to buy FSD upgrade for my model 3. When i go to "Upgrades" i constantly have "Service temporarily unavailable".
I wrote a message to support but got no answer. Be very thankful if anyone could help.

xor777 | January 14, 2020

May be somebody from Tesla reading this forum? Please help me with appropriate contact

Bighorn | January 14, 2020

They probably won’t see this. Call them.

EVRider | January 14, 2020

See if the option to upgrade is available in your online account, though at the moment the Tesla site is having issues.

ODWms | January 15, 2020

Make sure you have autopilot already. The FSD feature can only be purchased if you first have AP (or EAP for earlier cars).

Fredvanngo | January 21, 2020

Call Tesla service.

derotam | January 21, 2020

@xor777: Please send me the money and I will ensure that FSD gets purchased... haha

Call Tesla, Email them, chat with them...put in a service call fro mthe app for Other, and write that you are trying to purchase FSD.

After you have done all that, then you can ask on these forums....and we still won't be able to help you, sorry.