Tesla Haters??

Tesla Haters??

We received our 2020 Tesla Model 3 on December 26th of 2019. Slowly we began to experience certain driving patterns as well as people’s attitudes toward us as Tesla owners. Tonight my wife was at an event where she overheard people talking about the “Tesla owner” and these people were so mean - it was quite surprising.

Have any of you experienced this? I don’t understand people and what their animosity toward Tesla is. We are the most “unassuming” Tesla owners.

Just curious.

coolstompers | February 1, 2020

Sorry to hear about that but I've got to warn you Tesla owners have reputations for being pricks not that you're one but a lot of owners are so just be prepared for that image

lmann80 | February 1, 2020

Wow. Ok. We’re definitely not pricks... Thanks for the heads up.

coolstompers | February 1, 2020

You're welcome

lmann80 | February 1, 2020

Actually. We’re a family of 5 (3 young kids) that live in the foothills of Denver. Traded in our Honda Pilot for the Model 3 and absolutely LOVE IT!!! Won’t ever go back.

coolstompers | February 1, 2020


NKYTA | February 1, 2020

Drive South. Get Coal-rolled.

There are nice folk and there a duches,

Pretty easy to call out bad drivers in most metro ares, but the south doesn’t get Tesla.

That is my experience x-country

stingray.don | February 2, 2020

I’ve never experienced any Tesla haters, but they are out there. Anytime someone makes a serious challenge to the status quo, there will be those that go bat crap crazy.

jordanrichard | February 2, 2020

Imann80, “....these people were so mean”. That doesn’t say much. What did they say that was “mean”. Also, one can easily counter any disparaging words with facts.

While I have never had anyone say anything that I would call “mean”, but I have had people say things along the lines of how EVs are not clean because coal is burned to make electricity. That is when I simply point out that here in New England very little of our energy comes from coal. Then I follow up with you can’t create gas from oil without electricity, but you can’t refine oil into gas ata goal plant, but I can charge my car at a coal plant.

FactDoc | February 2, 2020

In 1908, the same category or person probably called Ford Model T owners pricks when they were switching from horses

lowtek | February 2, 2020

Alabama thinks Teslas are cool :) Just don’t show up in a Prius ;)

Yodrak. | February 2, 2020

I have not experienced any Tesla haters. I have experienced curious people who walked over and asked questions about my Model S and EVs in general when I've been at superchargers. | February 3, 2020

@Yodrak - Same here. Lots of curiosity and interest. Then again, I live in the land of Teslas - Bay area. I'm likely wrong, but I think the stats are about 8-10% of all new cars sold in our area are Teslas with the Model 3 taking over :) About 13% of new cars are EVs in our area. This doesn't include trucks, but they are not a high percentage of new vehicles in our area either. In the central valley, seems like 80% are pickups and the Cybertruck will do great.

jimglas | February 4, 2020

mine got keyed
but so did a BMW I once owned

Tesla-David | February 4, 2020

Over 8 years of ownership, have only experienced Tesla hate several times up in Seattle/Edmonds. I was seriously cut off by pickup truck last week. The driver obviously wanted to express his dislike for Tesla. Hopefully, as EVs and Tesla become more mainstream these behavior tantrums will ultimately cease.

andy.connor.e | February 4, 2020

Hes just mad cuz he doesnt have one