Falcon Wings Obstacle Deteted when there is no obstacle

Falcon Wings Obstacle Deteted when there is no obstacle

My Model X doors got stuck saying it cannot open the door, saying obstacle detected.
There is an override option and it does not work with override option either.

Is this is an issue with Half baked automation? Anything I can do before contacting the service center?

Any tip will help.

lilbean | February 3, 2020

It’s just glitchy. I don’t think a service appointment is necessary unless the door is no longer functional.

robert.s.bjekich | February 3, 2020

Also had the same problem during hotter days. The Rocklin CA SC replaced the sensors because the glue used to attach them was failing.

lilbean | February 3, 2020

@robert Thanks for the info. The problem just resolved on it’s own for me but that’s good to know if it happens again.

gbpnkans | February 4, 2020

@robert I think that helps a lot. I will get the SC to look at it to replace the sensors if needed. Now it works intermittently, not so reliable yet.

lowtek | February 5, 2020

Did you perhaps get a wrap and they accidentally covered the sensors?

Pungoteague_Dave | February 5, 2020

I have also had some intermittent refusal to open with our FW doors - no specific reason, inconsistent. Lots of stuff works/doesn't work this way with Teslas - you never know what you're going to get when initiating AP for example. Tech is hard and FSD is a dream. Still love the car and the experience, but it is like a fickle lover.

Coldfire73 | February 6, 2020

I've had this a couple of times on mine, asRobert says, it's normally worse on hotter days (although we never really get THAT hot in the UK!). The first time the SC replaced the sensor, the second time it was putting some more tape on which had come loose. From the SC, it appears like this is a relatively common issue..

bp | February 6, 2020

It's preferable for the FWD to be more conservative and not open automatically so far as to cause damage.

However, when there's clearly no obstacle, there should be a way to manually open the doors, like the rear hatch can be manually pushed to a full open position.

ebender888 | February 24, 2020

Same issue, but only with right rear falcon door. In service center today for them to change out sensors, which they acknowledge is causing the problem. It helps them if you can provide the date/time the issue occurred so they can have easier time finding the incident in the car's logs.

ScooterJim | February 24, 2020

I had the same issue in 2017. Several times it said "Obstacle detected" and I could not open the FWD. I was in the middle of open parking lot in Niagara Falls. Nothing overhead. I moved 50ft and was able to open the FWD. Went back Atlanta SC and they said it was a bad sensor and replaced it. No problems since then.

Ddowns2050 | February 24, 2020

I had the same issue and the sensor had come loose inside the door. When that happens there is a little gap between the sensor and the metal door and it is picking up the door itself as the obstacle. The mobile service guy reattached the sensor tightly to the door and it has been fine ever since. The tech said he had seen this problem more than once.

packpike | February 26, 2020

I still have the issue occasionally if it sits in the sun. Whichever side the sun was hitting shows an obstacle, even if parked in an open field. The sensors get hot and give inaccurate data. Once it cools off it’s back to normal. From another local guy who has fought this issue with Tesla, was told that this is ‘normal’.

mzero | February 26, 2020

I’ve experienced the same behavior as you, Packpike. Sunny side of door said obstacles detected but it’s wide open and nothing was there.

afrim | March 6, 2020

This happened to me a couple of times this winter when there was ice buildup on the car. The doors won't open even after clearing the ice. The only solution that I have found is to move the car to a new parking spot and try again.