Navigation/Maps for car out of native region

Navigation/Maps for car out of native region

Dear Tesla

I got Tesla Which was exported from NA market
I have also few friends which is US army forces, in Europe military bases, and taken they car with them, and can't have/use navigation anymore.
Trip makers (tourists) who want to take they car to another continent.

The one is really annoying is no navigation / maps.

So general question is:
Can maps/navigation be changed from USA(NA) to Europe and versa on user request(pick) or ticket?
Navigation at least allowed?

Should be pretty simple, since you are most advance IT-automaker :-)
Is it hard to do, or implement?

EVRider | February 7, 2020

Contact your local Tesla service center and see what they can do for you. You probably also need to get the car’s cellular service switched to the local carrier.

healthp222 | March 16, 2020

I had a frozen nav screen while navigating. Soft reset (park, brake and press both buttons 20 secs) did not solve this issue.
I called support, got them within 5 minutes, they looked into my system (Model X, 4 weeks old, 3000 kms). They found out i did not have a gps signal. Another reset without succes. They to,d me rhey would pass the problem to an engineer, who would call me back. He never did, but after the next start, 6 hours later, the systems were cured. I suspect they went into my system and fixed it without reporting back to me