PSEG Long Island EV Charger Rebate Program

PSEG Long Island EV Charger Rebate Program

I recently spoke with a representative at PSEG Long Island about the list of approved "network-enabled" EV chargers included in their $500 rebate program. The list currently includes:

ChargePoint Home, CPH-25
ChargePoint Home Flex, CPH-50
Clipper Creek HCS40 (JuiceNet enabled)
EVoInnovate iEVSE
Juicebox 32
Juicebox 40
Siemens Versicharge SG

The representative said it's up to Tesla whether or not they want to participate in their program. I see that Tesla participates in similar programs from other utilities outside New York. Does anyone know the best way of reaching out to Tesla about this? Currently I'm using a NEMA 14-50 outlet and the mobile connector to charge, but would love to have a dedicated charger (ideally Tesla's wall charger to use the cool charge port open button!)
Now that the new version of the wall charger supports WiFi I'm hoping it could be considered a "network-enabled" charger. I'd guess this program would get more buyers to get their charger over one of the other brands so it would seem to be beneficial for them, unless there's some downside I don't know about.

Anyone else currently a PSEG Long Island customer and interested in finding out more about this as well? Hopefully we can get some idea if Tesla will participate in the PSEG program soon.

gregbrew | February 11, 2020

Why does Tesla need to be involved at all? EVSEs are independent of the vehicle.

YamiLionheart | February 19, 2020

From what my power provider(PSEG Long Island) told me, Tesla did not want to allow their wall charger unit to be included in the $500 rebate program. So they do have control over whether or not they want to participate in these programs.

patrick40363 | February 19, 2020

Buy a unit that is on the list and use the adapter.