buzzing noise on power up

buzzing noise on power up

Loud buzzing noise coming from front end of M3 when I unlock after sitting overnight. Heard for first time about 2 days ago. Recording:

Any idea what it is?

rpc_in_va | February 19, 2020

HVAC fan? The HVAC fan on my car often (usually? always?) comes on when I first wake it up.

M3phan | February 19, 2020

Yep that sounds exactly like my fan when I happen to start up while standing by it. No problem. Normal!

Big_Ed | February 21, 2020

To include the separate buzzing sound, or just the whirring sound? I've always had the whir/whine, but just noticed the buzz a few days ago, and it seems quite loud.

M3phan | February 21, 2020

Let me listen again....
Ok, I had to listen really close but ok, I think I hear what you’re describing. So there’s the whine (I have that too), then there’s a different, second buzz that starts a bit later. Is that right? Yeah, I don’t have that. So maybe a mobile tech can diagnose it for you?

Big_Ed | February 21, 2020

Yes, that is correct. You can hear the buzz suddenly cut off about 5 seconds before the sound ends, while the whine continues to the end. Thanks for listening.

Wonder if I can upload a sound file to a service request?

yudansha™ | February 21, 2020

I've sent sound files via email per their request. You can send them a link via text/email when they contact you.

Big_Ed | February 21, 2020

Cool thanks