Why Pay under Battery pack related warranty ?

Why Pay under Battery pack related warranty ?

My warning light on my Tesla MS with 49,000 miles has “Acceleration reduced” warning light. The car is also making drive unit noises, hissing grinding noise, inverter noise. Tesla forwarded me an estimate invoice. I want to know why I am getting charged $1032 for the pyro fuse and contactors which are in the battery pack and which should be under the 8 yr warranty.
-Field kit pyro fuse pack 1089619-00-D $340
-Contactors connector 1064696-01-B $110
-Assembly harness contactors 1067510-00-A $16

Parts $466
Labor $565.50
Total $1031.50

The service appointment is on feb 29 at Augora hills California. Shouldn’t this issue be fixed under warranty like the drive unit problem. Also why am I getting charged when other with the same issue have gotten the issue fixed free and or A revised part of the pyro fuse and the contactors where replaced earlier under a revision campaign. Attached is the estimate invoice.
Please can some one from Tesla let me know why am I charged or would anyone know what I am being charged for. Is there a class action lawsuit on these that I am not aware.

Uncle Paul | February 25, 2020

Not sure, but it may be that they are letting you know what the price of repair will be if your service is not covered by warranty. If the warranty covers it, that will handle the cost, but if for some reason, the warranty does not cover, you will be responsible for the quote amount.

Yodrak. | February 25, 2020

"I want to know why I am getting charged $1032 for the pyro fuse and contactors which are in the battery pack and which should be under the 8 yr warranty."

Perhaps because the pyro fuse and contractors, although they may be housed within the battery container, are not the battery pack that has the 8-year warranty.

Techy James | February 25, 2020

While there is a mention of 49,000 miles, but there is no mention if the car is over 4 years old. Based on the part about the coverage under the 8 year warrantee I must assume the car is over the 4 year time frame. In which case while the Battery Pack itself is covered, the connectors to the battery pack could easily be considered not part of the battery pack.

wickrem | February 27, 2020

Thanks for all your feedback. It is disappointing the items inside the sealed battery pack is not under warranty since these variables do control the battery. I was advised by many on Tesla motors club, that these items Tesla is quoting needs replaced should in fact be replaced free as some had got it done on their earlier models. Tesla also has backed out of the so called unlimited mile warranty now with a 150,000 mile warranty. So will see what happens. Tesla really need to make customer relations LiVE. Not being CHEAP and not have a person picking up a phone at the SC. Tesla parts as well as Service is garbage and just worse than any domestic dealers as you can not simply talk to anyone. The quality has gone down dramatically. Wonderful car but the service is useless they need to Wake up as the EV revolution is picking up and least give posh luxury service like Lexus, Benz and BMW service centers. This is a common complaint always at the super charging spots. Why such an amazing product backed by non human interaction and also some rudeness at some service centers.

wickrem | February 27, 2020

For anyone in California please let’s rally and push Tesla to hire receptionists at their so called SC to professionally cater and serve the customer buying these high end cars. Come on Tesla go under cover to a Lexus dealer and observe their service oriented telephone answering staff both at the repairs and parts departments. Just Horrible.

wickrem | February 27, 2020

Horrible No personal contact method of Tesla that is.

rxlawdude | February 27, 2020

Interesting. I hadn't noticed the change for the MS - no longer unlimited miles on DU and battery.

We should start to see some older MS start to age out of the 8 year warranty; will be seeing some actual costs of replacement batteries, if folks want to keep the car. Quick calculation, though, is that an 8 year old MS probably is worth in the $20K range. If battery replacement costs anywhere near that, it's likely these cars needing batteries will be scrapped.