Reconnect my phone after new computer installed

Reconnect my phone after new computer installed

After Tesla mobile service installed my new computer in my Model S, my phone App does not connect. I can't get Tesla on the phone and I don't see online how to reconnect.

murphyS90D | March 1, 2020

Delete the profile of the car from the phone.
If the profile of the phone still exists in the car, delete that also.

Pair the phone to the car just like you did when the car was new. | March 1, 2020

you will likely have to reprogram your Homelink settings as well. Your Tesla also will not remember prior locations where you have raised the suspension (I had my MCU replaced in 2018 on my prior 2014 Model S).

drift | March 1, 2020

Which computer did the OP have replaced? The MCU or the AP computer?

EVRider | March 1, 2020

The OP is saying the mobile app doesn’t connect to the car, so the previous responses are irrelevant. Vehicle connection errors from the app are not unusual, so it might have nothing to do with the upgrade.

@flight505: Is your car getting a good LTE signal?

@drift: I don’t think they’re installing HW3 outside of service centers at this point, but I’m not positive.

EVRider | March 1, 2020

@flight595: Another thing, check your Controls > Safety & Security settings in the car and make sure Mobile Access is still enabled.

murphyS90D | March 1, 2020

I misread the OP's statement.

Try deleting the app from your phone and then reinstalling it.

rickrparker | March 1, 2020

@EVRider - Dallas SC told me that I will get an at home install of the HW3. Was in for noise fix last week. My number isn't up yet. MS Build was 12/23/2018.

Appreciate all your knowledge and sharing.

flight505 | March 12, 2020

Under Safety & Security, there is not Mobile Access listed.

EVRider | March 12, 2020

@flight505: The latest version of the manual refers to a Controls > Safety & Security > Allow Mobile Access setting. I’m not near my car so I can’t check. Which software version do you have?

akikiki | March 12, 2020

EVRider, Safety & Security may be the page that is longer than the screen. Doesn't look like it, but it may have option choices below and he needs to scroll up to see below.

flight505 | March 15, 2020

Really? I will go look - be right back - omg akikiki thanks!! - scrolled down and there was the Mobile Access switch. Flipped it to green and for the first time in over a month I can use the Tesla AP on my phone!!

I have lost my garage door remote opener, so just need to replace it to get back to normal.