auto wipers instructions

auto wipers instructions

I tried to read all posts in the model s auto wipers search but I need help:

1) when it rains, my wipers start perfectly, when I enter a tunnel they stop, BUT when I exit the tunnel with heavy rain, they do not start again and I do not see till I turn on level
2) sometimes they are too slow for my needs and I have to increase turning the level

a) I understood, that pressing with roughly no pression I am able to start a single wipe, i was used to press with too much pression and I was continuosly washing the wind shield

b) I read in the forum that if the level is at position 1 , I can press the buttom and I have the single wipe, and that if the level is on position 2 pressing, washes the wind shield, is it true?

?1) what should I do when case 1 happens, "the wipers do not start", to teach the car how to do it in the future?
?2) what should I do to teach the car to increase the speed?

thanks renato

tes-s | March 12, 2020

The only wiper adjustments are on the stalk.

EVRider | March 12, 2020

Does your Model S have HW1 or HW2+? HW1 cars have a dedicated rain sensor, HW2 and later use the front camera.

Pressing the button on the wiper stalk does the same thing regardless of the wiper setting. In all cases you have to press and hold the button to wash the windshield.

There’s nothing you can do to teach the wipers how to work better. If the automatic aren’t working as you want them to, switch to one of the manual settings.

franzellin | March 12, 2020

1) HW2.5
2) single wipe independent of the wiper settings - OK
3) I was reading somewhere that changing the speed manually (position 2 to 3 or similar) would teach my car to learn from my behaviour , is it true?


EVRider | March 12, 2020

@franzellin: I don't know if switching to manual wipers sends info to Tesla. Maybe someone else does (and can cite a source).

franzellin | March 13, 2020


franzellin | March 13, 2020

@EVRider : i found where I read it, it is

NOVEMBER 28, 2019

Tesla releases auto wiper update trained by new deep neural net
Fred Lambert

- Nov. 28th 2019 7:34 am ET


Tesla has now started deploying a new software update (v2019.40.1.1) with this new neural net.

The automaker wrote in the release notes:

Automatic wipers have been improved to be more likely to activate when it is lightly raining and respond to changes in rain intensity for more environments. The automatic wipers are now employing the first production deep neural network trained with over 1 million images for the detection of water droplets in a windshield and additional weather cues.

The update should already be better, but Tesla also says that you can correct it manually, and the neural network will take those adjustments into account.

Tesla continued in the release notes:

If automatic wipers are not performing to your preference, any manual adjustment to wiper speed will be captured to further train and improve the network in future software updates.

EVRider | March 13, 2020

@franzellin: Thanks, I now recall reading about that too, but I didn’t remember where so I didn’t want to assume it was true. Do you have 2019.40.1.1 or a later version?

franzellin | March 13, 2020

@EVRider 2019.40.50.7

Owner2015 | March 13, 2020

Wipers don’t work well at all. Somehow they missed the fact that a dedicated wiper system would be useful.