Autopilot Responding To Stoplights

Autopilot Responding To Stoplights

RES IPSA | March 26, 2020

That is exiciting. I just got my HW3 retrofit...

M3phan | March 26, 2020

Sweet. My fsd is ready!

stingray.don | March 26, 2020
Whdame | March 26, 2020

M3phan - By your lack of comment, I guess you weren't chosen either :-(

I never got my e-mail stating they would be pushing the software to my vehicle so I guess I, or we, won't be part of this go around....grrrrrrr.

I hate being average.....

JAD | March 26, 2020

I assume it is limited to hw3, but have not seen that confirmed.

M3phan | March 26, 2020

@ Whdame, yeah no EA on this one I guess. Sniff.

hokiegir1 | March 27, 2020

Yay! Guess the programmers are working from home. ;)

FISHEV | March 27, 2020

I've noticed that in some situations, stopped at the white line at lights, Model 3 can see the lights which show up but cannot see if they red or green, no color. In these cases, I can see them without leaning forward but the angle looks to acute for the front mirror cameras to get a color read from them.

EVRider | March 27, 2020

The next Autopilot update is not necessarily the next update. I’m betting there will be other updates before we see this one.

M3phan | March 27, 2020

My visualization shows red, yellow and green lights and they change in virtually real time.

FISHEV | March 27, 2020

"The next Autopilot update is not necessarily the next update. "

Shouldn't it be called the next "Full Self Driving". I have AP, I don't have FSD.

LostInTx | March 27, 2020

mine show the traffic lights, their colors and when those colors change. And I did something at 5:30 AM that on one hand, I'm not proud of but on the other, well, it's all about research.

With absolutely no traffic in sight in 4 directions, I deliberately ran a red light to see what happens. The answer: the UI blared at me, turned red and flashed the traffic lights at me. The car did not stop or attempt to slow down.

I have HW3 and 2020.12 4fbcc4b942a8

lbowroom | March 27, 2020

thought you had to have FSD and HW3 for visualizations?

82bert | March 27, 2020

@lbowroom. Correct. Fish contradicted himself, further exposing himself for the troll he is.

FISHEV | March 27, 2020

lbowroom | March 27, 2020 thought you had to have FSD and HW3 for visualizations?"

Nope HW3 which came with my May 2019 LR AWD has option to turn on visualization. I see lights, stop signs, cones etc.

Whdame | March 27, 2020

M3phan-are you on 12 or 12.1 ?

82bert | March 27, 2020

Fish has only bee posting since May, 2019??! How is that possible? Feels like a lifetime.

Magic 8 Ball | March 27, 2020

@82bert Before he was posting as FISHEV he was posting using the username of EaglesPDX and was booted from this forum when he was using that name. He will not deny it but will try every deflection in attempt to steer people away from that fact.

Magic 8 Ball | March 27, 2020

See what I mean, all deflection, no denial despite FISHEV aka EaglesPDX being an EVIL LIAR he cannot bring himself to deny that he used EaglesPDX as a username on this forum.

A most curious thing that the EVIL LIAR cannot bring himself to lie and deny that one fact.

M-A-B-MCMLXXX | March 27, 2020

lbowroom | March 27, 2020

thought you had to have FSD and HW3 for visualizations?

No, HW3 is sufficient. I get viz, I don't have FSD.

WW_spb | March 27, 2020

EaglePDX aka FishEV is known lier and Anti Tesla hater. Proven fact.

M-A-B-MCMLXXX | March 27, 2020

82bert | March 27, 2020

"Fish has only bee posting since May, 2019??! How is that possible? Feels like a lifetime."

Since 2016.

I've only been on here since september last year, and I agree with your assessment of how it feels!

Magic 8 Ball | March 27, 2020

I never admitted to being suspended twice for bad behavior which is an EVIL FISHEV Lie but he will not lie and deny that he used the EaglesPDX username here, a most curious thing that he will not lie about that fact.

EVRider | March 27, 2020

2020.12.1 just started rolling out today, and as I suspected, it doesn't include the AP changes.

@FISHEV: It was called the Autopilot update in the original Twitter reference, so that's what I called it. If the stop light behavior is only available in FSD, that will be the first functional difference between FSD and EAP (aside from visualizations), so that's a significant milestone.

FISHEV | March 27, 2020

"If the stop light behavior is only available in FSD, that will be the first functional difference between FSD and EAP (aside from visualizations),"

EAP and FSD are related but current AP has on FSD features. We can see the visulization and only as a "peek preview" from Tesla so best to not confuse it and say "FSD" features vs. when Model 3 owners see in AP.

gskaff | March 27, 2020

I bought the AutoPilot feature as an add-on ($3k) and thought that Autosteer comes with it. Mine is not working Is that a bug or was that false advertising?

teslamazing | March 27, 2020


stingray.don | March 27, 2020


Autopilot includes autosteer

FISHEV | March 27, 2020

gskaff | March 27, 2020I bought the AutoPilot feature as an add-on ($3k) and thought that Autosteer comes with it. Mine is not working Is that a bug or was that false advertising?

Should definitely have it. I have just AP and I have AutoSteer.

Magic 8 Ball | March 27, 2020


Ah, that felt good.

ksrehman | March 27, 2020

Cool. I just got my FSD computer (HW 3.0) retrofit today along with new wiper blades and swapping winter tires and wheels back to all seasons.

lbowroom | March 27, 2020

Fish has an out or a reference for every claim he pretends to make. He stretches facts and draws false correlations to imply things that aren’t true. He won’t deliberately lie or make a factual statement that can be unequivocally proven wrong. He’ll tap dance all night long and use phrases like could be, feels like, more like, etc. he won’t actually state he never posted as EaglesPDX. When pinned down, he just changes the subject

M-A-B-MCMLXXX | March 27, 2020

“ He won’t deliberately lie or make a factual statement that can be unequivocally proven wrong”

Deliberately being the key phrase. He’s sometimes caught making contradictory personal anecdotes (e.g., at least one is a bald faced lie), and often says things which just can’t be so (unequivocally and demonstrably wrong). However I believe his intent as you say is to capitalize on gray.

M-A-B-MCMLXXX | March 27, 2020

^ I’ve often wondered: is there something wrong with your eyes and neck that prevents you from looking slightly down and slightly to the right rather than just slightly down?

I can look at my screen without moving my head, but I typically move it since driving is best done with one’s head on a swivel.

lbowroom | March 27, 2020

Just more thumbing his nose at us. That’s deliberate

lbowroom | March 27, 2020

Yes fish we get it, there’s nothing we can do about you.

M-A-B-MCMLXXX | March 27, 2020

The alternate is that he drives around with he’s eyes focused on something a foot and a half from his head, which is terrifying.

lbowroom | March 27, 2020

I find my hands and steering wheel in the way of instruments behind the wheel. Center of dash makes mores sense as I can glance there easily with an unimpeded view. Probably why Mini chose that location. Also, other cars have plenty of controls in the console, even lower, radio, HVAC, etc the argument makes no sense

M-A-B-MCMLXXX | March 28, 2020

Yes, making a cogent argument is something he is either disinclined or unable to do.

bryan.whitton | March 28, 2020

I am just about at the end of monitoring this forum. It seems almost nothing that is being discussed can carry on without being taken over by either Magic 8 Ball or FISHEV. Both of you are rude and it is frustrating.

It isn't funny and it isn't interesting. I wish just for once I could read a thread for more than 3 comments without choosing to stop because of one or both of you.
Oh well, I guess I am in the minority here so I will have to simply either quit or no longer participate.

Thanks guys.

jmccpa | March 28, 2020


Tronguy | March 28, 2020

@bryan, jmccpa: Not that I think my comments will change your minds in any way.. But it's definite that FISHEV is a serious troll that attempts to hijack threads with misinformation. Those of us who've been around for a while (in my case, since 9/2018; M8B goes back much further than that) have noted FISHEV's tactics, which is to start off with what sounds like reasonable posts and then, by a little or a lot, puts in hard-to-check BS designed to mislead the new or unwary. Seriously, it's not worth trying to read FISHEV's posts because it means that one has to parse them for the truth or falsehoods.. which is, perhaps, he/she/its point.
FISHEV floods threads in an attempt to hijack them and make them more visible to Google searches and the like.
My reaction is to put up a PSA; M8B's is a bit more direct where he calls BS. That means, unfortunately, with FISHEV posting like mad, people see M8B's anti-BS campaign; then blame them both for pretty much the actions of FISHEV.
If M8B stopped posting people would likely (and this has been seen) start responding to FISH like FISH is a normal poster, at which point FISH starts inserting FUD, big time.
Did I mention that FISH and a small crowd of other trolls and/or sockpuppets got M8B booted for nonsensical reasons? He got reinstated pretty quickly.
Problem is, Tesla doesn't moderate the forum. Not that moderation is ever successful at scale, but it would have the nice effect of getting rid of the worst of the trolls, FISHEV and its sockpuppets leading the list. It's the moderation over at Tesla Motors Club that has permabanned FISH, once FISHEV took his/her/its shtick over there. My guesses are that Tesla figures it's not worth the effort or that there's some, "the answer to speech one doesn't like is more speech" advocate in the chain of command.
In the meantime, it's the wild west around here, so, my apologies.

WW_spb | March 28, 2020

I give Fish troll credit of being best Tesla promoter. Because when you start to dig to see if what he says true you quickly discover the opposite and realize how Tesla as company is years ahead of competition and overall best EV maker on the market.

stingray.don | March 28, 2020

Looking at the video, the pop up message indicates that the car will stop for the light, but you have to use the accelerator or gear stalk to go. So I guess this is just an increment of the functionality. Still pretty cool that we are getting closer to FSD.

mike | March 28, 2020

@bryan.whitton Couldn't agree more. I try to come here for information, but this stupid thread domination only serves the ego of those few who practice it.

M3phan | March 28, 2020

@ stingray.don, that’s Interesting, 2 thoughts:
1) In the video, the driver only has TACC enabled and not full AP, I wonder if that makes a difference to self starting from the light?
2) or perhaps to allow the driver to look at cross traffic to make sure no one’s running a red before proceeding through?

Magic 8 Ball | March 28, 2020

It appears the appearance of Covid has emboldened some, especially Maxxer, to become even more ostentatious probably because they think fewer resources reduces their chance of getting booted.

The campaign against me hurt everyone in that Tesla resources were being hounded to take action against me. Rawballs was making threats with "contacting attorneys" which was probably the most BSC I have seen here yet. It took me a while to set things straight and provide full context on how misguided the whole thing was. Tesla did offer me an apology and reinstated me without any interference since. I did tone down my use of vulgar swearing but I see others are going hog wild with the vulgarity as of late.

All that being said it is what it is and I have never reached out to Tesla about any of this and still will not do so. This is OUR forum and trolls have been trying to disrupt it with bad information, lies, and everything they can think of to shed Tesla in a bad light. Leaving EVIL FISHEV, Tanya, Maxxer, etc. unchallenged would be enabling of their activities.

Yes, I am a heavy lifter when it comes to fighting trolls here and thank you very much Tronguy for your astute observations and explanation.

teslamazing | March 28, 2020

FISHEV must have glaucoma or completely lost all peripheral vision.

Sucks to suck.

Magic 8 Ball | March 28, 2020

FISHEV is EVIL with his LIES

No evidence of anyone getting a cease and desist email.

No evidence of me having friends, LOL.

lbowroom | March 28, 2020

Absolute nonsense. Tesla sent warnings about foul language as reported by users they didn’t disclose. They didn’t rule in favor of you or against anyone else. You follow the rules of language, but you destroy the intent of honest discourse and discussion, but those qualities are subjective and Tesla doesn’t intervene. Tesla briefly suspended 8B over completely false sexual harassment and pedophilia allegations and reinstated him when those were found to be false. Nice try.