Loads of Masks overbid by American administration

Loads of Masks overbid by American administration

Just learned from our gouvernement and France government that containers of masks ordered. While ago and purchased from China were rerouted to USA since they were overbid from Trump administration to buy them. Trump seems to have had a good call with XI Jingping and struck The Art if the Deal again.
Overbid the offer of other countries and reroute the protective equipment required by other countries so they live the same crisis as you.

How humanitarian.

US government offered to pay cash on the tarmac to reroute the flight from France to USA.
That is good worldwide press.

FISHEV | April 2, 2020

The sellers get some blame there also. Wartime profiteering is a serious crime.

Another Trump failure, along with his closing US Pandemic Liaison Office in China, closing NSC Pandemic Response Team, Trump admin failed to maintain the US strategic supplies.

"A Ventilator Stockpile, With One Hitch: Thousands Do Not Work . While President Trump has assured states that thousands of ventilators remain at the ready, thousands more are in storage, unmaintained or otherwise unusable. But what federal officials have neglected to mention is that an additional 2,109 lifesaving devices are unavailable after the contract to maintain the government’s stockpile lapsed late last summer, and a contracting dispute meant that a new firm did not begin its work until late January. By then, the coronavirus crisis was already underway.:

WW_spb | April 2, 2020


derotam | April 2, 2020

Other failures

-CHINA Silenced medical community early on preventing them from warning anyone
-CHINA Attempted to blame the U.S. Army for the virus to shift narrative
-The WHO recommended AGAINST any travel restrictions
-CHINA did not want travel restrictions
-Some people said that the travel restrictions against CHINA where the virus STARTED was racist

derotam | April 2, 2020

-Obama failed to replenish National Strategic Reserve of N95 masks after the H1N1 outbreak in 2009.

FISHEV | April 2, 2020

Ah...the Yellow Peril blame China scam by the Trumpers, right off Fox News and the right wing conspiracy theory websites.

Please source all your claims. It will be illuminating.

As an example of the disinformation you spread. China beat the Covid-19 by the most massive internal travel ban in history.

@derotam | April 2, 2020 -CHINA did not want travel restrictions"

"China’s coronavirus outbreak has triggered an unprecedented clampdown on travel to and from the world’s second-largest economy, leaving thousands of people stranded across the globe and dealing a major blow to the international aviation industry."

FISHEV | April 2, 2020

"AP FACT CHECK: Trump’s inaccurate boasts on China travel ban"

"WASHINGTON (AP) — Defending early missteps in the U.S. response to the coronavirus, President Donald Trump has repeatedly boasted of travel restrictions on China that he suggests he decided on his own over the objections of health experts and saved “thousands” of lives.

His claims aren’t substantiated."

FISHEV | April 2, 2020

"Where America Didn’t Stay Home Even as the Virus Spread"

jimglas | April 2, 2020


derotam | April 2, 2020


rxlawdude | April 2, 2020

@derotam, I think the "wow" belongs pointed at you. Look up #whataboutism. Seems to be the biggest mental illness of Trumptards.