Missing Model Y on forum

Missing Model Y on forum

It seems to me that Tesla has, basically, abandoned this forum. The Model Y has been out for several weeks but, has yet to appear on this forum. THANK YOU Fudsters, overbearing fanbois, and whiners.

Orthopod | April 5, 2020

As someone stated when I started a similar thread
I got the following answer

“They cannot abandon something they have never taken care of in the first place”

Magic 8 Ball | April 5, 2020

All on Tesla, it is theirs to take care of and manage, blaming users, for the state of affairs here, makes you part of the problem not a solution.

If you have a method to enforce "decorum", without Tesla interference, share your ideas. Not a want or wish but something that actually can be done considering the broad user base and individual agendas you have observed.

Orthopod | April 5, 2020

Dan should have kept his admin functions and create a Model y subsection

EVRider | April 5, 2020

There are plenty of Model Y threads in this forum, so the lack of a Model Y forum isn't preventing people from talking about it. I'm guessing even if Tesla creates a Model Y forum, many will continue using the same forums they're already using and not bother with the new one.

Orthopod | April 5, 2020


Tronguy | April 5, 2020

Public Service Announcement:

For those of you who aren't aware, so-called, "FactDoc" appears to be a full-time troll who, very likely, has no Doctor's credentials whatsoever. There is a strong suspicion that he/she/it is a sockpuppet of FISHEV, who is a known troll of several years standing, several different user names, and has a very strong anti-Tesla, or, for that matter, anti-EV bias.
It's not worth your while to separate out the truth from the chaff on this entity, which moves back and forth from falsity to truth and back again, on the same subject, and same arguments, over and over again.

You're welcome.

Wilber | April 5, 2020

Yep, Tesla is long overdue for setting up a Model Y forum. In the meantime i hang out at Tesla Motors Club Model Y forum which is quite active.

spuzzz123 | April 5, 2020

Amen Tron

Orthopod | April 5, 2020

You have time to waste Tron

Posting the same shit over and over again

Go get a life

WW_spb | April 5, 2020

Funny Fake doc just admit Dan is behind all of them fake Trolls here. Factdoc, MaBuck,FishEV and who knows who else.