Old solar City Lease

Old solar City Lease

So my in laws are looking at some houses here in So Cal and they just came up on one with an old Solar City Lease. Home owner is 5 years in and I can’t envision how people thought this was a good deal. With the rising cost, gosh a financed purchase seems like it would have made sense. Anyway! Has anyone had any luck trying to negotiate something with Tesla on these old leases? The new rental program seems so much better. Super wishful thinking but just curious

carviewjapan | June 22, 2020 | June 22, 2020

Solar leases often have a buy-out option, although quite expensive. If you really like the house, you might make the offer that the solar system is paid off as part of the closing and let the seller deal with it.

I doubt there will be any discounts for buyout. Consider that the system costs were more expensive when it was originally sold. Still, it doesn't make it a good deal then or now.