Why does Tesla require a $500 fee to reconfigure if delivery is as far out as a year?

Why does Tesla require a $500 fee to reconfigure if delivery is as far out as a year?

After reading some reviews online, I am leaning toward a 6-seat config vs. a 7-seat config for the X. But when I asked to reconfigure, I was told there's $500 fee. Okay, if the production is going to happen any time soon then I think such kind of administrative fee could be reasonable. What's troubling is that I was told my delivery would be as far out as a year away (at the end of this year or early next year). I can't think of reconfiguring the vehicle would incur any extra cost here if the production is going to happen a year away! Besides this, my order was placed almost 3 years ago, and as all of us know the product has been through a long series of delay. I don't see Tesla is doing anything to show gratuity to their customers for their patience. I am totally fed up when I talk to the Tesla reps even before I get to see the product.

Triggerplz | February 19, 2016

O BOY not again!!! Here we go

Triggerplz | February 19, 2016

@huangting this was on a recent thread with a hundred different opinions

vperl | February 19, 2016

You need to send a message to TESLA MOTORS .

CANCEL your order, that will show them you mean it.

Post a 10 minute video on UTUBE, point your finger at them. Show them who rules the nest.

or fill out this form and send it to the proper authorities.

Remember, I am here to help.

I remember, one of my heroes, Lois Learner, saying that everyday

Darryl | February 19, 2016

There are more than five threads that discuss this subject ad nauseam. Just pay the $500, forget about it, and hope they don't move you to the bottom of the queue.

Reservation #: 8143
Order Confirmed: 12/17/2015
VIN: 000251
VIN Assigned: 12/23/2015
Scheduled Deliver: 2/24/2016
Delivery Service Center: Orlando. FL

P90D | Titanium Metalic Paint | Tan Leather | Ash wood decor | Light Headliner | 20" silver helix wheels | Premium upgrade package | Autopilot Convience Features | Six seat configuration (2-2-2) | Towing Package | 75 Amp Charging

carlk | February 19, 2016

A simple reason. People will keep on changing their cofigurations if they don't need to pay a fee.

Ankit Mishra | February 19, 2016

You don't know whole picture. Need to have unbiased set of rules. Simplicity. Expected of an adult to read the terms and conditions.

proven | February 19, 2016

I agree it doesn't make sense that they have the fee unless they start sourcing the parts and sequencing production. But it sounds like you didn't know there was a fee? That's odd. The $500 fee was on the page when you configured and they gave you a reminder email a day before your confirmation.

"Your order will soon be confirmed. Your order will be automatically confirmed on DATE. If you would like to make changes to your design, please do so before then.

After DATE, a $500 change fee will be required to change the design of your Model X."

vperl | February 19, 2016

Just fill out the form, and do the UTUBE video

sp_tesla | February 19, 2016

$500.00 is much needed to offset some of the X very long series of delay cost.

vperl | February 19, 2016

Fill out the form, send it to Tesla. | February 20, 2016

The probable rationale for the fee is that piling up configurations in advance enables them to make volume commitments for parts and materials for economy. Changes create added labor and impact the committed flow of parts. Whatever it is, there is another side to this issue. Suppose Tesla makes changes to the features and feature packages while one is enduring the long wait. If you wish to take advantage of a new offering, are you penalized $500 because Tesla made a change?

elguapo | February 20, 2016

Simple answer - Because they can. That's it. Doesn't need a ton of analysis.

NumberOne | February 20, 2016

@vperl I love the form!

Darryl | February 20, 2016

@vperl. I also love the form.

Charging a fee for a contract change is a standard practice in the world of contracting.

Triggerplz | February 20, 2016

TM has started a Go Fund Me Account for all those that wanna make a free change

Darryl | February 20, 2016

My car has already been delivered to my SC. I think I want to change the color, add a 7th seat and add black onyx wheels and have custom folding second row seats. To you think they will charge me a change fee?

vperl | February 20, 2016

Filling out this form is a way for the poor, slow, folks, many with no skin in the game to express themselves as who they really are.

Triggerplz | February 20, 2016

@Darryl They will change everything at no charge except the second row folding seats u will have to use that Go Fund me account for the folding seat change..You can also get the just added Moose proof Front End and the cup holders in the Falcon Wing Doors at no addtional charge

cquail | February 20, 2016

State exactly the configuration you ordered with all the prices for each item. There is a good chance someone wants what you ordered. They take your Model X and you order a different one. Your wait will be longer, but you will get what you want without penalty. On this forum many have said they won't order until they see and sit in a Model X.

Red Sage ca us | February 20, 2016

OP: It's called Negative Reinforcement.

You might consider purchasing an AUDI Q7, Cadillac Escalade, Volvo XC90, or Kia Sedona. The 'independent franchised dealerships' near you are certain to have stunning examples on hand for you peruse. Enjoy!

vperl | February 21, 2016

Sage, your stealing my "THUNDER". you ought to be ashamed ?

Plus, it is, "Buy a KIA, be happy®"

Filll out the appropriate form.

Brian Vicars | February 29, 2016

Take the $500 from the 10 tanks of gas you wont have to buy.

sp_tesla | February 29, 2016

huangting on February 19, 2016
What state or country are you located?

kamala | March 1, 2016

I have a semi-related question. When I first placed the order for my X, I selected a dark headliner. The next day I realized my mistake and changed it. My confirmation email (Jan 4) says Light Headliner. But then I randomly pulled up my account the other day, and it says I selected a dark headliner. Now what?

Triggerplz | March 1, 2016

@Kamala it appears u changed within the allowable 7 days and you have a confirmation email as proof accordingly I suggest you contact your DS who should be able to take care of it for you..Good Luck

kamala | March 3, 2016

Triggerplz, I did that. I just haven't heard back yet. Was wondering if anyone else had that experience where they changed something, but the old choice was still showing up.

vperl | March 3, 2016

Tesla policy, "no communication with customer" , the actual legal terminology is "customer mushrooming" .

aesculus | March 4, 2016

I did this and made sure I saved both PDF's that were output. I also send a note to Tesla to make sure all was received. They responded back the next day all was in order with my change.

aesculus | March 4, 2016


aesculus | March 4, 2016

the email was BuildMyX at teslamotors dot com

sorry for the multiple posts but their formatter did not like the address to be displayed

vperl | March 4, 2016

Think I will start petitioning for a $1500 fee to change and a extra six month delay in delivery.

Rezaul | March 7, 2016

If they were making enough money making cars, they would not have asked for a $500 fee to reconfigure!

Darryl | March 8, 2016

To stop people from making constant changes to orders. It is a nag fee. Most major companies have some type of change order fee.

vperl | March 8, 2016

Put in my reconfigure petition today, raised it to $2000.00 so that the people pay attention to what they order, do some homework..

Cut out the poisers

Triggerplz | March 8, 2016

Because they can.

Red Sage ca us | March 8, 2016

Rezaul: It's not about making enough money... It's about not losing the funds they already earmarked toward completing the vehicle in a particular configuration.

Triggerplz | March 9, 2016

I went to the Model X city tour review on Tuesday 3/8. The car was everything I imagined, there were 4 MX's one of them had the 20 inch Helix silver wheels which I ordered for $2500 they look cheap and a hot mess accordingly soon as Tesla open today I'm changing to the 22 inch silver turbine which are $4500 so I'll be paying another $2000 plus the $500 change fee....I wish I didn't have to pay the $500 change fee but will gladly pay it to keep those ugly ("A's") cheap looking wheels off my P90DL...

vperl | March 9, 2016

How is Roy ?

Triggerplz | March 9, 2016

He's sitting in your sixth seat dead waiting on you like Weekend at Bernies.. He will be there until Jan 2017 when your MX is delivered

MyXinTx | March 9, 2016

@Vperl... You kill me with your wit and humor...Love it

Send that petition my way, I'll sign it.

At least a KIA has folding 2nd row seats...just like every other SUV in the world other than the X....

"Hey Tesla, Fold them Seats"