Windshield Sandpitting

Windshield Sandpitting

What is the best glass treatment to prevent sand pitting? In the desert this is a real problem and the X windshield is way too expensive not to take this very seriously.

darlin | March 8, 2016

All I have ever heard of was polishing the sand pits away. I have never seen a treatment to prevent pitting.

mathwhiz | March 8, 2016

Similar to paint protection film (PPF), I've seen cars with the windshield equivalent, although I have no personal experience with glass protection... I have 3M XPEL Ultimate PPF on my S, which has been just great. But I wish I had investigated glass protection before I got all the deep windshield pits from rocks kicked-up by tractor-trailers. :-(

raging.dragonfly | March 9, 2016

I hadn't thought of windshield protection before, but we live in the Great North Wet, where it seems that gravel kicked up by vehicles in front of you is a very common occurrence. In the time I have lived up here (since 1997), I have replaced 2 windshields, and my husband needs to replace his. He hasn't bothered to do so before now, but it's getting bad - his windshield was cracked when I met him in 2002, and has since gotten a couple more big pits and the crack has extended. It's time. We will be looking into windshield protection!

vperl | March 9, 2016

Dessert people, move out of Iran, Syria, SAUDI.

SECOND thought park vehicle in solid structure, do not travel in sandstorms.

MyXinTx | March 9, 2016

Gotta admit, adding an external windshield film is not a bad idea...However, things to consider

* Will the company provide any warranty?
* Could exposure to elements result in premature peeling?
* How much and how often needs to be replaced? Could be a huge revolving cost...or great value
* Will Windshield wipers glide smoothly?

Any experience out there?

vperl | March 10, 2016

Get great glass coverage insurance


carlgo | March 10, 2016

And find a shop capable of replacing the X windshield! At least it will be awhile before insurance companies require aftermarket X windshields as it will be a long time, if ever, that they are available.

I would look into a place that does chip repairs before I would replace that windshield, at least until there is some experience in the field.

Rocks happen. I was going to work on an empty rural road, no wind, no nothing, and some sort of rock or meteorite or something put a pretty good chip right in the line of sight. Very strange. Then there was The Boulder incident, even stranger...

MyXinTx | March 10, 2016

I have wondered if the anticipated high replacement cost of the mega windshield would jack up insurance rates, especially for glass coverage.,,but just having a MX will jack up those rates until the data shows how safe they are.

vperl | March 10, 2016

If insurance costs are a problem, I have get solution .

Just ask. No fee.

Red Sage ca us | March 11, 2016

Also of note:

* Is external film on windshield legal in your State?

vperl | March 11, 2016

Member I have the "FINAL SOLUTION".

READY to help.

vperl | March 13, 2016

Guess the sand problem never existed or someone have asked for the final solution.

Gary an Rachel | April 4, 2016

A film is available for windshild, but it's not perfect, your going to see little ripples like orange peel effect. Plus any film would be eligal in California. Don't know why, less that would put windshield installers out of work.

Remnant | April 7, 2016

@ mikrhans (March 8, 2016)

<< What is the best glass treatment to prevent sand pitting? >>

What MX needs for the windshield is not some glass treatment, but a better glass, such as the hardened glass they shape into bubble cockpits for helicopters.

That glass should also be provided with electrochromic tinting, in order to bypass the engineering problems sun visors raise.

darlin | April 7, 2016

I can not see many states allowing a coating of any kind to be applied to a windshield for the reason it may cloud up, orange peel or other wise distort the view.