Feedback from owners who received cars since March 1

Feedback from owners who received cars since March 1

Just got the call that mine will be ready for delivery by this weekend! Prod 424. Fully loaded P90DL. My hope is that this isn't just a mad rush of deliveries to hit the quarterly X expectation. But rather it would be great if it was confirmation that the 'bugs' have been figured out and the floodgates are open for that reason.

So I thought a new thread of feedback on freshly shipped X's would be interesting for those who are about to take delivery. Nothing special about the date of March 1st, just picking a date where deliveries seemed to start happening again.

Seems like FWD issues are mostly ironed out.
Seems like front door latch issues are still around.

Anything else?

Thanks for the overall feedback, fellow new owners!

carlk | March 16, 2016

I'm taking delivery in the next week or two. Hopefully these were beta cars Tesla was shipping and now it's going to real production. Will find out soon. Not worried at all for those minor issues. Door or seat mechanisms either software or hardware should not be that hard to fix. Major parts like battery and powertrain are the same as in the model S and pretty much tried and true. So is the production line. This ramp up should be better than the model S ramp up I believe.

proven | March 16, 2016

Took delivery yesterday. We initially had an issue with the front ultrasonic sensors but it seems it has recalibrated and all is fine. The front passenger door latch is having issues and the service center is going to replace it today or tomorrow.

Other than that everything is working. FWD's work great, car drives great, paint looks great.

ken | March 16, 2016

@TiburonTesla, will let you know by this time tomorrow. | March 16, 2016

Took delivery on the 11th. Two cosmetic issues: a scratch on the front passenger seat back, and a fine scratch on the inside of the passenger side headlight cluster. The driver side FWD door was being a bit balky, but that seemed to have resolved itself--I think I have read that heavy rain can cause some challenges with the ultrasonic sensors. Other than that, the MX has been great--the car feels solid, good fit and finish, my wife is happy (its her car). The replacement parts are ordered and the MX is going into Rocklin on Friday for all three issues.

William9 | March 16, 2016

Proven: "The front passenger door latch is having issues" What is the issue, and was it evident during your inspection of the car prior to driving off?

primetime98 | March 16, 2016

I took delivery Saturday the 12th and have been very happy. The only issue I've had is I mis-closed the front door once which left it in between being fully closed and open, then it took a bit to get it reopened but after a few tries of pushing it closed it's worked perfectly since then. My guess is Tesla has really stepped up the inspections, in fact my car was at the Service Center for about two weeks after delivery before being delivered to me, so they did do some extra work to get it ready. It's far and away the best car I've owned. I'm taking it in on a road trip this week so I'll be able to report more after this trip.

TiburonTesla | March 16, 2016

Geez, you guys have fresh deliveries and looks like the 'known' issues are still being shipped out in new cars. Oh well, at least i'll know what to look for/expect. Thx guys.

jordanrichard | March 16, 2016

Not to give Tesla an excuse, but the real pressure to crank the vehicles out fast is coming from Wall Street. People would be willing to wait for Tesla to get all the manufacturing bugs worked out, but Wall Street will not wait/tolerate missing guidance numbers.

Ankit Mishra | March 16, 2016

Yeah. They need to keep up the appearances (quarterly numbers). And improvements happen gradually. These cars are better than the ones delivered in December.

carlk | March 16, 2016


True but Elon said he's not concerned much about stock price. Sure stcok price my influence perception of potential customers but other than that it really changes nothing of whether Tesla will eventually achieves its goal. Especially that Tesla is not likely needing to go to the secondary market. Besides Elon is not worried that he could be ousted for unsatisfactory quarter to quarter financail performance as most CEO's would. I think Tesla is still able to balance between quaterly shipment and quality of cars. | March 16, 2016

If Tesla were purely concerned with keeping Wall Street happy, they would have delivered everything without the QA hold and then handled all the problems through warranty work in the service centers. I am glad they are willing to take the flogging and focus on quality.

snlnk | March 17, 2016

We got our X 2 days ago and it's been almost perfect. "Almost" because it has very minor fit-and-finish issues with the FWDs and there's a gap between a plastic molding and body metal at one location. Tesla is to address them...If they are within acceptable build tolerances Tesla probably won't even try to fix them, and I'd be OK with that. The car is great, I'm very pleased with it and liking it more each day. This is our first Tesla so I'm on a steep learning curve with it, and as I learn how to utilize the apps and technologies of the car I continue to like it all the more :-)

proven | March 17, 2016

@William9: The front passenger door thinks it's open even though it's latched closed, and the automatic open doesn't work (the latch isn't releasing). So if you drive the car it beeps at you that the door Is open. We powered off the car to reset the door, and as long as we don't open it, the car thinks it's closed. They said it's just one part that needs replacing and it should be today.

It was working perfectly at the service center when we left, and it worked at our first stop. But when we got home is when it malfunctioned. They said they opened and closed the door countless times while prepping the car and never had a problem. We also got to look at the car at the service center last week during prep and the door was working then.

Fortunately we are five miles from the service center and the team there is great.

darlin | March 17, 2016

That is great Proven. I wish my service center was that close. ( 75 miles and 2 hours away).

I will just hope that all the big bugs are worked out by the time I get mine in May.

ernie | March 17, 2016

Delivery accepted today. One small blemish on red portion of driver side tail light. Will be repaired by detail shop before Xpel. They will of course find fault with other things but nothing stands out as needing attention. Am super impressed with regenerative braking on such a heavy car. No wind noise, vibrations or rattles. Paint in very good shape...unless you are an anal retentive detail nut.

You can color me a happy and contented Titanium MX pilot.

Waldek | March 17, 2016

@ernie congrats!

Ankit Mishra | March 18, 2016


elguapo | March 18, 2016

@ernie Congratulations! Glad to hear and enjoy the drives!!!

eric | March 18, 2016

Took delivery yesterday. Everything is almost perfect with mine as well. Only 2 issues are a squeaking noise made when the passenger side 2nd row seat is moved forward for 3rd row entry; and when you return same 2nd row seat to normal position the front driver's side seat sometimes returns too far back. DS said both were minor fixes that they will address the next time i'm in. Otherwise, she's perfect. Feels like driving a rocket ship.

socalsam | March 18, 2016

Congrats Eric! great to hear of the quality in the car.

elguapo | March 18, 2016

Congrats Eric! Enjoy the ride!

snlnk | March 18, 2016

Congrats Ernie and Eric! Eric, gotta love that rocket ship experience!

proven | March 19, 2016

Our door latch is fixed--now I just need to get my wife to stop driving it to give me a chance.

Ankit Mishra | March 19, 2016

Congrats Eric.

BobN @US-CA-SoCal | March 19, 2016

Picked up our car on schedule today, no surprises. A couple of glitches fixed with a reboot. Wow. What a car. We'll keep a punch list of things needing attention, but so far, nothing on it.

darlin | March 20, 2016

Congrats and thx for the updates everyone.

Gayatrikr | March 20, 2016

Congrats all

ernie | March 20, 2016 the only view I have of and information about the as of yet unnamed X is from My Tesla App. I can see the internal temperature, honk the horn, flash lights, (choose not to), see which doors are open, see the location and trust the detailers will meet or better yet beat their finish date projection. They are photographing and videoing the process on their first X.

One thing that did happen when I got in the car after shopping was when I used the console touch screen to close the driver side door. I touched it and it moved several inches, touched again, same thing...then finally on the third touch it closed and latched. Anomaly????

I am going to make up a list of like a lot, like less, and dislike later. It will be difficult to find dislikes, perhaps it will be difficult to face reality and a psychological defense mechanism proportional to purchase price plus X will factor in.

I will mention here a HUGE LIKE... one which I think is overshadowed by "hands less in control" features: REGENERATIVE BREAKING. It is an important feature which if used by astute commuters in traffic will result in significantly less foot movement back and forth from the accelerator to the brake. Those who insist on left foot on brake should take note of this and so will the yellow light telling you that you have two peddles depressed. Enjoy the "free" power and say goodbye to brake replacements...well almost. I fully expect the car will go 8-10 years before replacement if then.

ernie | March 20, 2016

REGENERATIVE BRAKING! Thanks for nuttin' [Caddyshack dialog] spell check!

ken | March 20, 2016

We took delivery on Wednesday the 16th, we are still looking for something that is wrong with the car, so far everything is working just as it should, we will keep looking, there has to be something wrong. I have owned a lot of cars but this one is something else. More than an old guy like me deserves, but someone has to do it, might as well be me!

john | March 29, 2016

Took delivery last Saturday the 26th (VIN 10XX) and I haven't found anything wrong yet at all. The Model X is an AMAZING vehicle. P90D, Midnight Silver Metallic Paint, Ultra White interior. I am blown away by the acceleration, and I also agree with Ernie about the regenerative braking, great stuff! I'll be studying every nook of the car over the next week, but as of now no faults/defects/glitches. It is pretty funny in that every time I go out to my garage my car sees me and if I get even somewhat close it opens my drivers side door like "hey, don't you want to go for a ride?", and then shuts when I walk out of range again. They will probably need to tighten up the code on this so it's not quite as sensitive. Falcon doors (and all doors) work great in my garage sensing other car and garage door, etc... After 18 months of waiting, I can say this blows away even what I was expecting. Incredible vehicle, and the scary part is it will only get better with future updates!

loganboyd | March 29, 2016

This is great to hear!

ronmerkord | March 29, 2016

We just took delivery of our Signature X yesterday, and couldn't be happier with it. A perfect car. All the doors work reliably, trim and alignment is all good. No problems at all after our first day of driving it and showing it off to lots of people. We might be one of the last Sigs delivered, but they got everything right on it.

SigX VIN #484

darlin | March 29, 2016

Congrats All. It seems like TM has really got the problem areas under control!!!!

Just in time for mine! Late April or Early May. Rockville MD. Pickup. Hopefully with a few other posters here. rdrainer, dlemy and someone else. Sorry for misspellings, can not find other post where we discussed group pickup or meeting up in Rockville.

rdainer | March 29, 2016

It was in the sound off when you get the email post :) we could track it in the DC forum that none of us use !

elguapo | March 29, 2016

@darlin I'm "someone else"

@rdainer It is interesting how no one uses the DC forum.

Are other regional forums used more often?

dhelmly | March 29, 2016

@darlin and elguapo - I'm also due to take delivery Late April or Early May at the Rockville MD location.

Dave #0049XX

rdainer | March 29, 2016

It seems like the other areas forums are more active ...oh well we can be the club :)

carlk | March 29, 2016

Forth day after took delivery of our X. It's a very nice car even beyond my optimistic expectation. Car feels solid and quite with handling you would never expect come out of a 5500 lb SUV. Yeah and that lively acceleration too. It shames those so called "performance" SUV or for that matter most vehicles that call themselves performance. The small downside is it made my very nice March 14' SP85+ feels a little old. I'm pretty sure the pano windshield and the sleek and super comfy seat will soon migrate to the S. Wife LOVEED it and is busy driving the car showing it off to her friends. Hopefully there will be a few more converts.

No issues so far except a small scratch on the back of a second row seat which we got a due bill. One of the fob does not trigger auto openning of driver's door but the other one does. I wiil try replacing the battery first soon as I got it from Amazon and let SC to figure out if it still won't work. No big deal.

carlshome | March 29, 2016

Took delivery of MX in Fremont March 23. On Easter I gave lots of rides to family members. Everyone oh and ahhh. Have a 90D (no P) and it launches like a rocket. Older family members were hanging on for dear life during the test rides. No need for Ludicious mode IMHO. The 90D is plenty fast.

On March 25th I was in the car with the AC on, reading the manual and educating myself for 30 minutes. Then I realized my drivers window was half way up. I put the window up, it goes down 1/2 way. Try again, same thing. I did a soft reboot as described in the manual, same problem. Call Tesla 24/7 support and the guy walks me through a routine (too long to describe) which reminded me of talking to a Apple Tech Support person to solve a computer problem. A few minutes later, the window is working fine. This experience just reminded me how Tesla's are actually computers, that happen to have wheels.

Love the car. Wife and I are thrilled.

karanmk | March 29, 2016

Picked up my P90DL in Seattle on March 26. Since this is my first Tesla, I white knuckled drove 1-5 from Seattle to Olympia. So far everything is working perfectly. There are 2 small paint chips under the right FWD - check your paint carefully. I pointed these out at delivery, and today got email for scheduling paint repair. Have not tried ludicrous, summons or auto park yet. It is an amazing car!

celene | March 29, 2016

Took delivery yesterday. Love, love, love the car! Unfortunately, last night, the door wouldn't latch properly and then wouldn't open again. We found a workaround (opening the door after climbing in through the back and then pulling very hard to get it to close). The window also wouldn't stay up all of the time and went up and down. Took it the Burlingame SC today. They tried the reboot, which is supposed to fix the issue 95% of the time, but sadly, the car needs a new door latch. I had to go back into the service area to clear some items from my car and noticed that of the approximately 8 cars there, about 6 were Xs. I asked and it seems that this is a common issue. The good news is that it should be fixed by Friday and I'm not that upset since I'm a long-time lurker on these boards and figured we'd experience something like this.

I'm so looking forward to getting it back. It was hard to go back to my Ford Freestyle! Wishing you all better luck.

rdainer | March 29, 2016

Started a DC thread

darlin | March 30, 2016

Going to find DC thread for the newly formed RockVille SC Club.

darlin | March 30, 2016

Thanks all for quick replies and again, sorry about the spellings. See you in DC thread.

dortor | March 30, 2016

neighbor has same problem on the driver's door window - no longer goes all the way up - and moves very slowly when trying to do so - at Sunnyvale service center now - for this problem and some minor delivery punch list items - will be interested to hear about the resolution.

Blue X | March 30, 2016

The question I would have is:
whether these latch failures are early run vehicles that through warranty work Tesla determined needed improvement and they have designed a new one or

are they just replacing the latch with a similar product (thus, we can expect more failures down the road)?

loganboyd | March 30, 2016

What is a DC thread? i see it mentioned often. Sorry but my little brain is having trouble deciphering this code from the context.

rdainer | March 30, 2016

@loganboyd it's just a thread in the Washington, D.C. Regional forum you can find off the forum main page

loganboyd | March 30, 2016

that's what I thought it was but then i went looking and couldn't find it... I'll try again. not that I'm in DC but maybe there's also a Texas area one that's relevant to em.