Email Confirmation For Reservation

Email Confirmation For Reservation

How long does it take to receive the email confirmation? It's been 2 hours so far since I signed up and no email yet. $1000 reservation fee has been transacted on my credit card.

ctosiello1983 | April 5, 2016

Providing an update: Turns out the sales attendant in the store put my email in incorrectly. I called the sales department for Tesla and they straightened it out immediately. Received the email and the MyTesla page shows all the information.

archvillain | April 5, 2016

Waited in line on the 31st. CC charge showed up same-day but still no email nearly a week later.

Similarly, is it just me or are these forums slower to load than before the 31st? Maybe the email confirmation is not the only aspect of Tesla that was swamped by the sudden surge of people?

BTW I asked the guy taking my details at the store, and he said the thank-you screen does not come up unless the card transaction has been successful (then he described the screen that comes up if the CC charge attempt fails). So if the charge hasn't appeared on your card, I'm guessing that it's just that delay between when things are charged and when the transaction bundle is processed and shows up on a statement. Some places will show charges before they're processed, some don't, and my understanding is that different CC networks in different areas will take different amounts of time to bundle transactions before they reach your bank or credit union.

alanmshen | April 5, 2016

Ordered 2 on Thursday morning (~5 days ago) in-store. Received a confirmation e-mail for ONE e-mail address I used but not the other.

Fairly certain the sales associate typed my e-mail wrong. He tapped the confirmation button right as I asked to double check.

kkramer1990 | April 5, 2016

Called tesla today, lady said I'm in the system for my 10:03am order on Thursday. She says people online already have their emails before in store and they're still back logged. I'll continue to stay patient

saba.jamaluddin | April 5, 2016

Hey. I made a reservation for the Model 3 a hour before the unveiling and though my credit card was charged I have still not received an email. It has now been more than 5 days since the order so I wonder.... what have I missed here?! Thanks!

pdhowes | April 6, 2016

Ordered online at 8:30 am uk time on 1April. Charge of £1000 appeared on my credit card, dated 1 April. No confirmation email yet and no reservation number on my Mytesla page. Hope I have a means to get my money back if I decide not to proceed with purchase

dimplemodi10 | April 7, 2016


Richardvalois | April 9, 2016

It has been 8 days and still NO confirmation email. They took the deposit out of my account. This does not make customers feel comfortable about giving up their money. Get it together!

ubermoxi | April 9, 2016

If you don't see your reservation in your Tesla account, then it's most likely your email address was entered incorrectly. That's what happened to me. I called them up, and they created a new account on a different email address. I then checked the new account and saw my reservation couple hours later.

You can email them at

kapoor.sunit | April 11, 2016

I booked model 3 on 31 August in tesla store located in Dublin fremont . I haven't received any confirmation email yet . I visited the tesla store / called their sales team couple of time . I even emailed at the email address provided in this form , but never received any answer . All they tell me is they are back logged and I should receive it in few days . I"m wondering now if it's so difficult for them to manage reservation , I wonder how are they going to mange production .i"m extremity disappoint with customer service provided here . I any one has any kind of feedback on my situation , I would appreciate a response .

kkramer1990 | April 11, 2016

Alright I emailed Tesla and they got back to me. They had to change my email, because it apparently was entered wrong. I finally got my email today and RN after nearly 2 weeks and being 3rd in line. What a relief lol

arnaud.bouchoux.82 | April 13, 2016

Same as you, Not an answer by the seem there is nobody's there.
But I've got a response from my Tesla nearby store than they send it to California for taking care of my case.The store can see my reservation but still not appear on the website account.

kapoor.sunit | April 14, 2016

@arnaud. Bouchoux
Finally I was able to get hold of someone in sales . I called this number 8885183752 , after 15 min hold I spoke to one guy , he was able to look up my reservation and found out that my email was spelled wrong . He corrected it and send it IT department to upgrade it to my account . It will like 7-8 business days for them to upgrade as they are backlogged and then I can expect an email . I"m Keeping my fingers crossed , hope this will work out . Try this out if nothing else works for you .